Former Radio Talk Show Host Larry Leafblad Leading Tea Party Leader Lennie Jarrett & Others in Lake County

Larry Leafblad

Lennie Jarrett

In that Lake County State Senate District where the incumbent seemed to try to throw around her weight during a domestic dispute, there’s a Republican primary contest between former WKRS Radio talk show host and County Board member Larry Leafblad and Round Lake Tea Party leader Lennie Jarrett, plus Joe Neal, the son of a former GOP State Central Committee member and Michael White, who isn’t on my radar screen.

We Ask America polled the district this week and the long-time public persona of Leafblad puts him in the lead.

Big time.

Leafblad has 19%, while the three opponents are the 4% to 5% level.

The good news for the challengers is that fully two-thirds of those who have voted at least twice in the last three Republican primary elections are still undecided.

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