Illinois Tea Party Endorses Don Manzullo

Here is the press release:


The Illinois Tea Party is pleased to endorse Don Manzullo to represent Illinois in the 16th congressional district.

Don Manzullo

Congressman Manzullo has an excellent voting record of focusing on

  • fiscal responsibility,
  • limited government, and
  • free markets;

not only in this congress, but as a long standing representative in the house.

“There really is a stark contrast between Congressman Kinzinger and Congressman Manzullo,“ said David Hale, leader of the Rockford Tea Party.

“Adam likes to run around on TV claiming to be a fiscal conservative while voting for pork barrel spending.

“Don just quietly makes his voice heard with his votes on the floor of the house and that makes all the difference for our members and myself.”

For Illinois voters of the 16th district, the choice could not be clearer.

In 2011, Manzullo voted 79 more times to cut $209 billion more in federal spending than Kinzinger, which is why Manzullo is receiving all the awards and endorsements from conservative organizations that are serious about cutting wasteful spending and reducing debt.

Manzullo holds a huge 21% lead in conservative ranking from Heritage Action for America, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation.

This is the kind of frivolous spending that needs to be cut in Washington according to the Illinois Tea Party.

“America’s rising indebtedness to foreign governments endangers our national security and is robbing current and future generations of employment and prospects for a brighter future,” Jane Carrell added, leader of the Northern Illinois Tea Party.

“We just cannot continue to spend recklessly and hope everything ‘turns out ok’.  We have to provide the promise of liberty and freedom to the next generation of Americans and Don is working hard to make that promise a reality.”

While the Illinois Tea Party recognizes that some may want change just for the sake of change, incumbents must be rated by their voting records.

“In our opinion, Don is the true fiscal conservative in this race,” announced Barb Offill, President of the Iroquois County TEA Party.

“Don is an ethical man and a passionate conservative who always votes in-line with his values.
His 19 years of experience in

  • manufacturing,
  • creating jobs,
  • cutting wasteful
  • spending, and
  • reducing the deficit in Washington

is a strength.

“He hasn’t been named ‘Mr. Fix it’ for nothing, the Congressman just gets things done in Washington.”


Illinois Tea Party Endorses Don Manzullo — 2 Comments

  1. I could not agree more. I have watched Don Manzullo for more then 20 years.

    I knew him before he went to Congress and have followed him and his voting record very closely.

    For Adam K. to attack Don & say that he is not a true conservative is plainly a lie!

    And if Adam would lie about this, then what else would he be willing to lie about?

    Don’s voting record is one of the highest (if not the highest in Congress) at 96% ranking in Conservative voting.

    I am in this district & will continue to vote for Don and encourage all Republicans to do the same.

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