Mike Madigan Primary Opponent Graces Pro-Life Breakfast in Crystal Lake

State Senate candidate Cliff Surges congratulated Michele Piszczor on her candidacy against House Speaker Michael Madigan. Piszczor's brother is standing to her right.

Who would have ever thought that Illinois House Speaker and Democratic Party Chairman would have a primary opponent?

A young woman named Michele Piszczor has filed in the Democratic Party primary and is out there knocking on doors.

She’s a bold one, not even deterred when she sees a Mike Madigan sign in a person’s front yard.

Piszczor has discovered that Madigan precinct workers are promising to cut the property tax bills of homeowners.

And, all this time, most people thought Madigan was interested only in cutting the property tax bills of corporate clients.

What a revelation.

The 25-year old Piszczor asks the folks who answer the Madigan yard sign-bedecked homes if Madigan were interested in cutting their tax bill why hadn’t he done it during the 40 years he has been in office.

It is apparently a good enough pitch that some homeowners have gone out, pulled up the yard sign and tossed it in the trash.

When she was introduced at the Patriots United Pro-Life Unity Breakfast Saturday, she got more than  a smattering of applause.

Mike Madigan primary opponent Miclele Piszczor poses next to the damaged door of her 2005 car. She had no problems before the campaign. She has also had her tires slashed.

After the program, she related to those McHenry and Lake County folks gathered to congratulate her for her courage that someone had damaged the driver’s side door.

$300 damage.

She told me that Madigan’s spokesman told the press that she probably did it herself.


Former State Rep. Maureen Murphy used to talk about the Madigoons.

It appears the thuggery still exists on the South Side of Chicago.

Piszczor had a Polish father and a Spanish speaking mother.

Having draw himself into an increasingly Hispanic district, Madigan has put three other people in the race to prevent a one-on-one contest.

Others have been put on the primary ballot to draw votes from Piszczor:

  • Olivia Trejo
  • Mike Rodriguez
  • Robert Hanzik

Why’s she running?

She told Kristen McQueary of the Chicago News Cooperative,

“Madigan is the root of all evil here in our state. He is the weed in our garden.”

= = = = =
Those who would like to help pay for the $330 repair bill for the car or the $400 the new tires cost can send checks to Michele Piszczor, 4332 W. 82nd Place, Chicago, IL 60652.


Mike Madigan Primary Opponent Graces Pro-Life Breakfast in Crystal Lake — 4 Comments

  1. Everyone knows this woman is running a fraud campaign, backed by sleazy Republicans who don’t have a clue.

    And I really doubt that Madigan’s people did the damage.

    This woman is not on their radar screen.

    She won’t get 1% of the vote especially as more voters there learn about the fraud.

    This is all part of Tom Swiss and Jack Roeser’s stupid plan to try and con Democrat voters.

    All they are doing is hurting the Republican party.

    You can’t win over Democrats by being more dishonest than the Dems.

    What a bunch of clowns.

  2. i like how you phrase that…more dishonest than the dems.

    what’s your definition of more? since the dems, lead by madigan have ruled this state for decades, and our credit worthyness as a state, is the lowest of all 50, where is there room to get worse.

    we’re at the bottom now.

    is it possible to create a new bottom?

  3. There’s not only Madigoons but Uniongoons in Chicago.

    Young union teachers in Chicago who notified CPS Administration about how older union teachers were treating kids have also found their tires slashed.

    That’s Chicago politics.

  4. Mike Rodriguez is currently Chicago 22nd Ward Democrat Committeeman.

    Kristen McQueary is now with the Chicago Tribune.

    Madigoons are widespread.

    Watch the free online Michael Madigan movie to learn more –

    Madigan: Power, Privilege, Politics.

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