Chicago Tribune and AP Deserve a Spanking for Diminishing Mazullo’s Illinois Tea Party Endorsement

To its credit the Associated Press (reporter Sophia Tareen) wrote a story about the Illinois Tea Party endorsement for Congressman Don Manzullo.

But, wait a minute.

This Associated Press article by Sophia Tareen is stimulated by the Illinois Tea Party's having endorsed Congressman Don Manzullo over Congressman Adam Kinzinger. How on earth a 2010 Sarah Palin endorsement of Kingzinger is relevant is beyond understanding.

In its first paragraph reporter Tareen mentions a 2010 endorsement of opponent Adam Kinzinger by Sarah Palin.

What’s that all about?

And worse, the Chicago Tribune, in at least it’s online edition gives Palin’s old endorsement equal coverage with the Illinois Tea Party’s current endorsement.

This is an example of why readers distrust the mainstream media.

= = = = =
I felt so strong about this bias, I called the Associate Press in Chicago. The Bureau Chief’s assistant sent me to an editor who knew nothing about the article.

She had to look it up using “Illinois Tea Party” as search words.

“Are you calling from Sarah Palin’s campaign?” she asked.

“No, I’m calling from this is why we distrust the mainstream media,” I replied.

She repeated “This is why we distrust the mainstream media,” pausing while it sunk it.

“Is it incorrect?”

“No, it’s out of context,” I replied.

“That’s your opinion.”

“What does a 2010 endorsement have to do with a 2012 endorsement?”

“That’s your opinion.”

“And that’s why AP is going down the tubes,” I said before thanking her for her time.


Chicago Tribune and AP Deserve a Spanking for Diminishing Mazullo’s Illinois Tea Party Endorsement — 8 Comments

  1. Awesome!

    Go get em, someday they will get the point.

    (or be complete immaterial-worse than they are now)

  2. distrust in mainstream media?

    because they aren’t openly supporting manzullo like you?

  3. No, because it is irrelevant that Sarah Palin supported Adam Kinzinger in 2008.

    Every Republican wanted Kinzinger to win in 2008.

    It is an attempt by AP and the Tribune to diminish the Illinois Tea Party endorsement… which may or may not turn out to mean much.

  4. First and foremost the Illinois Tea Party has absolutely no relevance as a statewide organization. They are Tea Party in name only.

    A few of the local activists groups and independent Tea Party type groups work but the Illinois Tea party has very little impact as a statewide organization.

    Secondly, the relevance of the Palin issue is no different than the relevance of Joe Walsh and others as 2010 Tea Party darlings.

    So, with that – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander

  5. Palin supported Kinzinger in 2008?

    2 years before he even ran for office?

  6. I wrote 2010 in the article. That’s when it was, not 2008 as in my comment above.

    Do you have a comment on the article?

  7. Wow, we have no relevance? This is laughable…

    Clearly we do by the IP bombs on our server and the calls from Hot Air, NEWSMAX, AP, Chicago Trib, Sun Times, and locals asking WTH?

    Good times to be a true conservative in the tea party and NOT a RINO Republican.

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