The Regional Supt. of Schools Withdrawal Letter

The discovery of past misdeeds of Lord’s Park Elementary School Principal apparently spooked him enough to withdraw his name from consideration for appointment as McHenry County’s Regional Superintendent of Schools.

Maybe we don’t need one, but until the ministerial duties are placed elsewhere, a motivated person could make something of the office. Certainly it should not be a place that local residents stick a school superintendent they don’t want as it was when I was County Treasurer. (You Harvard folks with long memories may even understand that sentence.)

Here’s yesterdays’ email from Jeffrey Schleff.  He contends that the criminal violations had nothing to do with his work as an educator and continues to believe that he is the best qualified person that can be found.


The Regional Supt. of Schools Withdrawal Letter — 5 Comments

  1. The Regional Supt. of Schools is a needless, worthless form of government. I was an elected member of the McHenry High School Board of Education for eighteen years and I never understood why the superintendents at their monthly meeting couldn’t coordinate schedules for sports or whatever and why the State Board couldn’t verify certification of teachers.

    We can’t constantly complain about Illinois having 7,000 units of government, 2,200 more than the next highest state, while we still support township government and things like the Regional Supt. of Schools.

    We’ve been without a supt for almost a year.

    Can anybody notice the difference??

  2. Mr. Neuman is correct. McHenry County Board should stop and not fill this position.

  3. As a past member and President of the Board of Ed in Crystal Lake-Cary-Grove District 155 for 9 years and member of the Crystal Lake District 47 Board of Ed for 4 more years, I wholeheartedly agree that the Regional Superintendant position should be eliminated, the office closed and the expenditures be eliminated.

    While I’m at it, I believe the same is true of the US Department of Education and believe most local educators would agree.

  4. Another BoE veteran (me, Cary D-26) agrees with the above comments, particularly Mr. Bishop’s proposal to eliminate the US DoE (which was originally going to be called the Department of Public Education till some government genius realized what the acronym would be).

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