Joe Walsh to the President: “Too Late…[We’ve had] Our Scary Look Inside the Belly of the Beast”

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Rep. Walsh to Obama: Too Late

Obamacare at its core is un-American”

WASHINGTON- Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) released the following statement after the Obama Administration announced they would compromise on the contraceptive mandate that forces employers- including religious institutions- to pay for contraceptive services.

The compromise will require insurance companies, instead of religiously-affiliated employers, to provide and cover plans with contraceptive services.

“Today’s announcement is just another political move by the President.

Joe Walsh

“At the end of the day, religious institutions still have to provide healthcare plans with free contraceptive services.

“It will still force religious institutions to violate their core beliefs.

“But it is also more than a just religious issue, it is a moral and First Amendment issue.

“None of this is surprising.

“Obamacare is about government power over individual freedom.

“When we give control of our healthcare decisions to the federal government, we give up other freedoms along with it.

“This contraceptive mandate continues our scary look inside the belly of the beast.

“If big government can force Americans to violate their consciences here, what else will it try to do?

“Every single week since Obamacare was passed we’ve learned bad things about the law —

  • increased premiums,
  • regulations and taxes on small business,
  • doctors leaving their profession.

“Once again with this latest HHS rule, we’re reminded that the true intent of Obamacare is to increase the power of government over our lives — even our first amendment freedoms.

“The reaction of the American people this week gives me great hope that we won’t stand for more attacks on our Constitution. Obamacare at its core is un-American.

“This affront to our religious freedom is just the latest piece of evidence.”

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Joe Walsh to the President: “Too Late…[We’ve had] Our Scary Look Inside the Belly of the Beast” — 11 Comments

  1. For crying out loud! Seriously, just because the insurance would have provided contraception DOES NOT MEAN that the employees had to use it.

    No one was going to force a pill down female employees throats!

    Why does one person’s beliefs have to trump another’s?

    Why can’t we exist in a way where everyone doesn’t have to agree with other’s lifestyles?

    Drinking alcohol is legal but no one is forced to drink. Owning firearms is legal but that doesn’t mean we all own them.

    As a woman, I am disgusted that a bunch of MEN keep talking about what they think is right and wrong for women.

    When you have a uterus, then start telling me what to do with mine.

    Until then, how about these politicians, priests, and bishops stay out of my female anatomy and give all women the female healthcare options we deserve.

    Or, maybe we should start forcing men to use condoms, have vasectomies, turn and cough, and pay for all these children they will father when contraception isn’t available.

  2. WOW! You go Girl!!!

    “Men” I’d concede on this one and agree with the ‘woman’ above……

    Let the women control the birth control in this nation and worldwide….. So it goes like this,

    The ‘Woman” who wants to extort a man for 18 years will go ‘without’ utilizing her ‘seductive’ gifts….. you all know that one don’t ya ladies??? This ‘Woman’ won’t take contraception with purpose and intent.

    The “Woman’ who is not an extortionist, yet enjoys the company of a ‘Man’ from time to time, will take contraceptive measures so she does not have to live as an ‘Angry Woman’ the rest of her life blaming all her life’s problems on all “Men.”

    And all you guys out there, sometimes it’s smarter to just ‘rent!’ Get it?

  3. Right on “GIRLS”

    Now that the economy is turning around and people are going back to work the REPUBS have to have something else to hang on.

    So goes it in this DO NOTHING CONGRESS!!

  4. I think the first three women should provide, bibles, abstenance and creation literature for everyone.

    I mean it’s not like everybody will read it, understand it, and live their lives by it, so I think they should provide it, because I think it is something we all deserve.

  5. I think the first woman should provide, bibles, abstenance and creation literature for everyone.

    I mean it’s not like everybody will read it, understand it, and live their lives by it, so I think they should provide it, because I think it is something we all deserve.

  6. Do none of you realize that this is NOT about contraception at all?

    This is about CONTROL.

    “When Hitler first came for the Jews, I did nothing because I was not Jewish…”

    Ring a bell?

  7. This has less to do with contraception but more with diminishing our rights.

    We can all agree on a life style when the playing field is level and everybody has some skin in the game.

    This Socialist game is wearing thin on the producers of this nation who provide all of the goodies that the useless eaters feel entitled to.

    As a Man, I’m tired of paying taxes to subsidize irresponsible behavior on a segment of society that is out of control and threatens to wreck our economy, but the most relevant thing here is that this administration has tested the system for a power grab.

    They are Marxist’s, they will be back with another attack on our liberty.

  8. Yep….it’s about control.

    The control of a bunch of bishops over women.

    Why should Catholic beliefs trump all others?

    I grew up Catholic but still use birth control (as do many Catholics).

    Don’t you see Cindy, that it might be just a little hypocritical to be ant-abortion/pro-life yet also refuse to provide contraception?

  9. Btw, comparing the President to Hitler does not strengthen your argument.

    Are you proposing that all the leaders of other countries that provide contraception are just like Hitler?

  10. NOT a! Not much on reading comprehension?

    You totally lost all of my comment and never even came close to understanding what I said.

    I repeat, NONE of this is about contraception! I gave no analogy. I stated a known fact of how the Holocaust was enabled.

    How stupid does one have to be to ignore plain warnings?

    Picayune people with odd worldviews will do everything in their power to take this country down with their simplistic views.

  11. Cindy, how many different countries have you lived in? I suggest that you not speak of world views without seeing…let’s see…the world!

    As a Canadian, I see things differently apparently. Maybe it comes from having lived in more than one country.

    When will your segment of American society realize that the First Amendment protects more than just Catholicism?

    And when will you stop throwing around the word socialist without really understanding its meaning?

    If you want to go back to a time when women were baby making machines, and stayed home being barefoot and pregnant, so be it.

    But you shouldn’t be force feeding that to other women who believe in women’s rights and the advancement of women.

    If feminism was a religion, would you be opposed to feminists standing up for their rights under the First Amendment?

    Are you opposed to Jew, Hindus, Buddists, and Atheists standing up for their rights under the First Amendment too?

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