County Board Candidates Campaigning at Marengo Expo

I found six McHenry County Board aspirants at the Marengo Chamber of Commerce Expo on Saturday.  (The doors will be open at the new Marengo High School to the east of the old Marengo High School Sunday as well.)

The first indication that politics was afoot was the balloon promoting County Board member Diane Evertsen.  A girl was holding it next to The Marengo-Union Times newspaper booth.

Diane Evertsen was giving away helium-filled balloons,

The first candidate sighted was Michael Stanard.  He was in the second row of booths.

Michael Stanard caught unawares.

I found him communing with his handheld device.

County Board candidate David LaGue's daughter is on the right, his neice on the left. They were handing out palm cards at the corner of the row before his booth.

Next were two young women passing out literature for candidate David LaGue.

County Board incumbents and candidates Ersel Schuster and Diane Evertsen for re-election are seen sitting at the table. It was family day for both, as their husbands accompanied them.

Right around the corner was the booth of incumbents Ersel Schuster and Diane Evertsen.

David LaGue mans his booth at the Marengo Expo. His wife operated the duck selection game, which determined how many pieces of candy kids got.

It was couple’s day at County Board candidate David LaGue’s booth as well.

The final candidates’ booth presented incumbent Mary McCann and aspirant Michele Aavang.

I got justifiably admonished by McCann for having previously identified LaGue as the only farmer running in District 6.

Marengo Supervisor Steven Weskerna was seen chatting with McHenry County Board member Mary McCann and candidate Michele Aavang.

McCann operates a berry farm on which she uses a tractor (my definition of a farmer), while Aavang’s farm raises row crops as well as having a beef operation.

It took Aavang two years to get a permit to sell frozen beef packed off site.  (If she gets on the zoning and planning committee, there will be some interesting discussion.)


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