“Two Guys and a Woman ” Call to Invite folks to 7 PM Candidates’ Night at MCC

This morning at breakfast at Andy’s Family Restaurant, my two companions told me of a robo-calls they had both received.

Naturally, I asked what it had been about.

One had hung up almost immediately and had no idea.

The other said it had been from “two guys and woman,” but he had no idea of the content.

He said it was pretty long.

He also told us of research he’d read that said such calls made little impact.

I suggested that perhaps it was too long and was told that it was “long.”

Turns out it was from the three candidates who will be debating at McHenry County College tonight at 7.

Don't expect to see this bus at the entrance.

The McHenry County Young Republicans are sponsoring a debate for the three State Rep. candidates in the southeastern-most of our five districts:

  • Gent Gaffney
  • David McSweeney
  • Danielle Rowe

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