Chris Lauzen to Announce Opposition to Red Light Cameras

A red light camera intersection in Florida complete with notice of fine for violation.

A press release from the campaign of State Senator Chris Lauzen, who is running for Chairman of the Kane County Board:

Lauzen Opposes Red Light Cameras

Aurora, IL (February 14, 2012): Illinois State Senator Chris Lauzen invites you to a Press Conference on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 2 PM at the northeast corner of the intersection of Randall Road and Williamsburg Drive across the street from the southern edge of Geneva Commons in Geneva, Illinois

Fellow State Senator Dan Duffy will speak against red light cameras as the lead sponsor of legislation that would restrict and eliminate these devices.

Peter Breen, Chairman and Founder of will also speak and endorse Lauzen based on his opposition to red light cameras.


Chris Lauzen to Announce Opposition to Red Light Cameras — 1 Comment

  1. Maybe someday we’ll see red light cams with fines that accumulate like progressive slot machine jackpots.

    As traffic goes through the intersection, a dime is added for every cluster of 25 cars to a ticket starting at say, $200.

    The final fine for a red light runner depends on how long the intersection has gone without a runner.

    The longer the intersection has gone “runnerless”, the higher the fine for the lone violator.

    Then — KACHING! — the village hits the jackpot once someone runs a red light!

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