Danielle Rowe Cuts a Video Taking on Govenor Pat Quinn

Danielle Rowe asks Governor Pat Quinn a $1,340 tax cut by repealing the Democrats 67% income tax hike in the video below. It’s a bit long, just over 4 minutes, but interesting.

She asks Quinn if he has forgotten what the Tea Party Movement, which he claimed to have started when he urged people to send tea bags to the Governor’s Office when legislators raised their own pay.

Rowe is running against State Rep. Kent Gaffney and Dave McSweeney.


Danielle Rowe Cuts a Video Taking on Govenor Pat Quinn — 3 Comments

  1. Funny…..IL projected business growth now exeeds both WI and IN.

  2. Illinois’s unemployment has increased by a higher percentage than any state since the Democrats’ tax increase.

    Wisconsin balanced their budgets and created tens of thousands of private sector jobs. Period.

  3. LC? What state are you in? The state of confusion? Must be funny on the planet you are from. (The planet of “yeah, right.”)

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