Jack Franks Escapes Criticism for His Worthless Recall Amendment

Eric Zorn's Sunday piece on the worthlessness of the Illinois Recal provision,

Make no mistake, the hopelessly compromised Recall Amendment sponsored by Demcoratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks lost meaning when he ignored local officials, took out judges, removed state legislators, then, excised all statewide elected officials but the Governor and, finally, required that at least five state senators and ten state representatives from each party agree to such a vote.

That’s not to mention getting 15% of  the total votes cast in the previous election, not to mention 100 from each county.

A “fraud” on the electoral, just to be kind.

This past Sunday Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, wrote a piece entitled, “Why ‘Mr. Recall’ is safe from recall.”

The column was about Governor Pat Quinn.

Appropriate for as far as it went.

But no “credit” was given to the amendment’s sponsor, Jack Franks.

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