When a Family PAC “Endorsement” May Not Be an Endorsement

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog ran a press release from State Senate candidate Cliff Surges saying that Family PAC had endorsed him.

Here’s how Executive Director Paul Caprio is quoted as saying, “Our organization believes Cliff Surges is highly qualified and committed to our values and advocacy on behalf of taxpayers.”

Got some feedback indicating that the kind statement may be just that.

So, I did some investigation and discovered that Family PAC lists only five endorsements. As you can see below Surges is not on the list:

Endorsed so far are

  • Li Arellano, running for State Rep. in Dixon
  • Brad Halbrook, running for State Rep. down Crawford County way against double-dipping State Rep. Roger Eddy, who has gotten $60,000 from the Illinois Education Association with who Hutsonville (United School District )Education Association with which he negotiates contracts
  • State Senator Carol Pankau, who was elected State Rep. in 1992
  • State Senator Christine Johnson appointed to fill out a term, who is running against State Senator Dave Syverson, who first won office in 1992
  • State Senator Kyle McCarter of Lebanon

I tried to contact Caprio and Surges, but didn’t get a reply yet.  Busy season.  They are probably out and about.

Surges is running against Karen McConnauhay.

Stay turned for more information.

Below is the questionnaire that candidates seeking endorsement were asked to complete. The desired answers are indicated.

On this page are questions about repealing the 67% state income tax hike, public employee pensions, vouchers, and requiring abortion clinics to show ultrasound images of unborn children. Click to enlarge.

Condom training and teaching acceptability of homosexuality in school, legalizing medical marijuana, civil unions, accepting campaign contributions from SEIU, AFSCME, Personal PAC, Equality Illinois and teacher unions IEA & AFT are questions on this page. Click to enlarge.

= = = = =
Looks as interpretation of the statement by Caprio to be “endorsement” was my fault.

I just received the following email from the Surges campaign:
“We never claimed Cliff was “endorsed” by Family-PAC. If you look at our press release again, we never used “endorsed”. Paul Caprio does support Cliff Surges and the letter he gave us (see attached) makes clear that Cliff is judged “highly qualified” by Family-PAC. That is what we put in the press release.”

I misinterpreted the word “support” to mean “endorse.”


When a Family PAC “Endorsement” May Not Be an Endorsement — 5 Comments

  1. State of IL Collective Bargaining Law for Public Sector Unions needs to be re-written. The ridiculous legislation they are able to pass through lobbying and in exchange for campaign contributions and votes is a drain on the economy. $75,000 teacher pensions are becoming the norm in the suburbs after a 33 year teaching career (exchanging 2 years of unused accumulated sick credits for 2 years of service credit to reach the 35 year full benefits threshold). So teachers receive full pension benefits at 55 courtesy of taxpayers, yet private industry taxpayers work till 67 to receive far less generous full social security benefits. Yet the private industry taxpayer pays into both social security and funds teacher pensions through property taxes and state income taxes!

  2. Family PAC both endorses candidates and ranks them as qualified or not qualified, kind of like the bar association with the latter.

    In the past, they’ve even listed more than one candidate in a primary as qualified.

  3. Seems like whether he was endorsed or not that people want a conservative candidate who they trust. I didn’t like that he didn’t pay his taxes now finding this out makes me very uncomfortable.

  4. John,

    What makes me uncomfortable is using PR hacks that have received tax dollars for contracts now being used in a Senate campaign.

    Ms. McConnaughay is doing just that. PR guy gives campaign donation. Firm has/or gets contract. PR guy is now a low paid campaign consultant.

    This also makes me uncomfortable.

    Anyone taking $1.5 million mostly from those that have county contracts and then that candidate saying they have no influence on who gets contracts.

    Who hires the directors? That kind of nonsensical statement implies that we in the 33rd District are dumb, or blind.

    McConnaughay believed in the late pay tax system.

    She endorsed her closest political ally for countywide office and gave her the finance director position on the board knowing she and Surges have this in common.

    Guess it’s just her opponent that she has problems with.

    Her family business had no problem taking an $18,000 contract from her friend’s Road Commission fund in Geneva. See expenditures Geneva Township Road Commission 2011. GOP establishments types like to keep public money moving in the circle of influence it appears.

    See link at http://www.genevataxfacts.org under township expenditures. Payment to McConnaughay Properties. The candidate has not been available for comment since the facts broke last week.

    Oh, and the township road supervisor also is listed on her campaign records as a consultant. I pay you. You pay my family business………… using OUR money.

    Is this how it goes?

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