Linda Moore Relates What She Was Just Told by IRS Agent

At the last Grafton Township Board meeting, the following slip of paper was handed out by Township Trustees to those in attendance:

At last Thursday night's meeting of the Grafton Township Board, this was handed out. It relates primarily to reimbursement of dinner expenses for attending meetings of the McHenry County Council on Governments. The name of the person who talked with IRS Examiner John Lauer is blacked out.

Noting that the document has no letterhead, I gave it no credence, even though it seemed to make sense.

Today, Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore shared what she heard when she talked to the IRS Agent who did the audit of township books. McHenry County Blog’s original story is here. Her email follows:

“Recent Township IRS Audit

“At the township meeting last week, an attorney misinformed the board that IRS Auditor John Lauer had recanted ‘Taxable Income’ dinners ruling made during the audit.

“I have spoken with the IRS agent today and he informed me that there will be no amendment made to Grafton Township’s audit.

“Unfortunately, the trustees distributed a slip of paper to all in attendance at this meeting, with a misquote of the IRS agent.

“At this point, I recommend that the IRS documents are the most reliable source of information from the IRS and any statements made by third parties should be disregarded to avoid any further confusion.

“As the Township Supervisor I will follow the direction of the IRS when administering the township payroll operations.”

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I have added additional parts of the IRS Audit here.


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