When “They” Start Stealing Your Signs – A Tea Party Reaction

"STOP STEALING MARY ALGER'S SIGNS" signs will probably have more impact that her original ones.

Tea Party Republican candidate for the McHenry County Board in District 2 seems to have gained more traction than I had thought.

The evidence?

Here you can see the "Stop Stealing" sign followed by one of Mary Alger's replacement signs and one for Mary McClellan.

Political opponents are stealing her signs.

Her reaction has been by far the best I have seen.

She is posting signs saying,

“Stop Stealing Mary Alger’s Signs”

The Tea Party symbol Mary Alger designed,.

The woman who designed what will undoubtedly become the symbol of Tea Party Republicans nationwide now has come up with the ultimate rebuttal to those who sneak around at night and steal yard signs.

I would make two additional suggestion to any candidate whose signs are stolen:

  • report each theft to the police or Sheriff’s Department
  • rig up a camera that will take pictures or a video in the dark

I’d have to conclude that someone very intensely does not want a Tea Party Republican beholding to none of the establishment to serve on the McHenry County Board.


When “They” Start Stealing Your Signs – A Tea Party Reaction — 8 Comments

  1. Sign stealing is predictable in McHenry County.

    The sign stealers are the same people who stand up at meetings, saying how terrible it is, how they’ll put a stop to it.

    Good luck if you report stolen signs to the “authorities”.

    Mary Alger’s signs put it out there for the public to see; good luck, Mary, we need more people like you.

  2. We do need more people like her. Especially on the county board. VOTE FOR MARY ALGER.

  3. It’s all a smoke and mirrors ploy to allege that this is really happening, thus positioning this candidate as a sympathetic symbol to unwitting voters.

    At the same time, others look bad.

    It’s original – I’ll grant that.

    But if I buy that, I expect a deed to some swampland is not far behind.

    Anything to win an election.

  4. Honestly cal this all you can find to report today?

    I happen to know that Mary Algers signs weren’t the only signs in district 3 to come up missing.
    Getting the athorities involved is only another meaningless waste of tax dollars.

    I’m sure they have more important things to do.

    I think candidates should be voted in based on values to the issues not because we all feel sorry for Mary.

    poor mary lets all vote for mary.

  5. Nothing but cowards, who sneak around in the night stealing opponents signs.

    Good for Mary Alger for doing this!

    I’d like to know who the culprits are, because that would be someone I would NOT vote for!

    This is the kind of garbage going on in Wisconsin with the union thugs.

    All it does is show who they really are.

    Shame on you, whoever is doing this.

    Shame on Joe Hackett’s bizarre post, and “patriot”, you are no patriot.

    And Mary is a candidate, finally, that we can vote for who will address the issues. Go to http://www.alger4liberty.com

  6. if anybody know alger she forgot were she put up her signs. I will not vote for her poor alger.

  7. Joe and patriot: I don’t think so. Sign-stealing is a crime dudes. Did you do it?

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