Another Pre-Early Voting Mailing from Cliff Surges

“Restoring the public trust” is the theme of Cliff Surges’ second mailing.

"Restoring The Public Trust" is the theme of this mailing.

He is running for the State Senate in a district with no incumbent against Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay.

On the address side his name is seen in big letters along with a photo of his family.

The March 20th election date is over the “Vote Republican, Vote Surges,” information.

And there is something I have not seen elsewhere. Right under the return address is a phone number: 1-224-669-5200.

"More taxpayers not more taxes" is how Surges starts his Fiscal Responsibiltiy section.

On the back the theme is continued and expanded under the issue headings
Fiscal Responsibility
You can read the details by clicking on the image, which will enlarge the print. I do notice that under education, Surges mentions all sorts of “family-directed alternatives,” but leaves out homeschooling.


Another Pre-Early Voting Mailing from Cliff Surges — 1 Comment

  1. As a homeschooling family of 3, and as a friend and supporter of Surges, I can attest from firsthand interaction and conversation with the candidate that he supports homeschooling 100%, and does not support new regulations or laws in Illinois on this subject.

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