Memories of Alexandra

I’m writing this on September 28, 2012.

Standing outside the Crystal Lake Jewel, I saw a Dad carrying his 1-2 year old daughter.  It brought back memories of my daughter Alexandra at that age.

Before and after Robin took her, Alexandra’s favorite book was “I’m a Little House.”

I can still pretty much remember the words to the soft, plastic book.


“I’m a little house.

“I have a little Mommy.

“I have a little Daddy.

“I have a little baby who gets lots of kisses.

“I have a little kitty.

“I have a little doggie.

“I’m as happy as can be.

“Won’t you come live with me.”

That was one of the books Alexandra undoubted brought me to read to her after probably the worst twenty days of my live.

The first weekend after Robin filed for divorce, I visited Alexandra.

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