Dave McSweeney Takes on Red Light Cameras for a Second Time

In his latest mailing from State Rep. candidate David McSweeney, he uses red light cameras to ask, “Who can we trust to defend our rights?”

Dave McSweeney uses Red Light Cameras as a symbol of increasing government intrusion in everyday life.

He uses the revenue-driven devices, co-sponsored by local Democrat Jack Franks, to promote his ability to stop “the uncontrolled growth of government.”

“Our rights could be gone in a flash,” his mailing reads.

Dave McSweeney ties himself to State Senator Dan Duffy for a second time on the Red Light Camera issue. Click to enlarge.

This is the second time (the first was the week before Thanksgiving) he has tied himself to State Senator Dan Duffy’s campaign to ban red light cameras for right turn violations.

Strangely, no mention is made of the recently authorized Speed Cameras in Chicago.

McSweeney is facing off against State Rep. Kent Gaffney, whose appointment was opposed by Duffy, and Danielle Rowe for the term beginning January, 2013.


Dave McSweeney Takes on Red Light Cameras for a Second Time — 3 Comments

  1. Dave McSweeney is flat wrong on his stand against red-light cameras! So is Dan Duffy.

    Remember the driver who complained in the Northwest Herald about an unfair ticket for turning right on red and who even provided enough information for readers to view the video of his violation? He convicted himself!

    Red-light running has been a huge problem. Put down the cell phones, stop shaving or brushing your teeth or putting on make-up or bashing the kids, and pay attention to your driving! As a result of these cameras, drivers now begin to slow as they approach a long green and prepare to stop. What’s wrong with that?

    Violations are reviewed before tickets are mailed out. I’ll wager that 99.9% of those receiving tickets in the mail have very clearly violated the traffic law. Does McSweeney think traffic violators should not be ticketed? Does he run red lights?

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