Manzullo Touts 6-0 Record in Conservative Group Endorsements

A press release from Congressman Don Manzullo:

Manzullo 6, Kinzinger 0 in Endorsements from Statewide Conservative Organizations

Manzullo gets nod from two more IL conservative groups

[ROCKFORD] – Congressman Don Manzullo (R-IL) continued his dominance in securing endorsements from statewide conservative organizations leading up to the March 20 primary election when two more groups announced their support for Manzullo instead of his opponent, Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

Eagle Forum of Illinois and the Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC are the latest conservative groups to endorse Manzullo for re-election to the 16th Congressional District seat he now holds.

Congressman Manzullo has received

  • a 100% rating from National Right to Life,
  • a 100% rating from the American Family Association,
  • a 98.1% rating from Family Research Council, and
  • a 96% rating from the American Conservative Union,

the groups stated in making their endorsements.

“One of the qualities we look for in our lawmakers is reliability,” said former Illinois State Rep. Penny Pullen, state president for Eagle Forum of Illinois.

“That’s what the voters of the 16th District have always given us in Don Manzullo. Congressman Manzullo is a reliable conservative, always, always doing the right thing for his district, for our state and for America.”

Manzullo has also received endorsements from the

  • Illinois Tea Party, Illinois
  • Citizens for Life Federal PAC,
  • Illinois Conservatives (4,000 conservatives under 35 years old), and
  • Illinois Family-Pac Federal.

“Endorsing Don Manzullo for re-election to the United States Congress is one of the easiest choices an organization committed to pro-family values could ever make,” said Paul Caprio, Director of Family-Pac Federal.

Conservative groups are lining up behind Manzullo because they know he is the only candidate in the race who is serious about

  • cutting wasteful Washington spending,
  • balancing the budget, and
  • paying down the national debt.

In fact, Manzullo voted last year 79 more times than Kinzinger to cut $209 billion more in spending than Kinzinger.

In addition, Manzullo voted for the only budget alternative that would have balanced the budget and started paying down the debt within 10 years. Kinzinger voted against the bill that would have cut $9.1 trillion, strengthened Social Security and Medicare, reformed the tax code, and balanced the budget in 9 years.

Don Manzullo

“We are at an extremely critical point where we must get serious about cutting wasteful Washington spending, balancing the budget, and paying down the debt.

“Our economy will never improve and we will never help employers put Americans back to work as long as the government continues to borrow 40 cents of every dollar it spends and continues to build massive amounts of debt for future generations,” Manzullo said.

“I’m very appreciative for the endorsements today from Eagle Forum of Illinois and the Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC. They understand that I’m the only true conservative candidate in this race and certainly the only candidate who is serious about cutting spending, reducing the role of government in our lives, balancing the budget, and paying down the debt.”

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