Photos of Danielle Rowe’s Island Lake Fund Raiser

State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe held a fund raiser Sunday night in Island Lake. Here are some photos that were taken.

McHenry County Board candidate and Crystal Lake Tea Party organize3er Mary Alger signs State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe's poster.

Danielle Rowe makes a point with some of her supporters.

Young ladies line up for some food.

Danielle Rowe poses with a young supporter.

Another view of those at Danielle Rowe's Island Lake funeraiser.

Two more friends of Danielle Rowe.

Robert King chats with McHenry County Tea Party leader Laurie Jenner and Cary School Board member Chris Jenner.

Danielle Rowe poses with three supporters.

Danielle Rowe addresses the crowd in Island Lake.

Supporters applaud Danielle Rowe.

What would a Tea Party candidate affair be without a Don't Tread on Me Flag?

Crystal Lake Tea Party Leader Mary Alger speaks in support of Danielle Rowe.

Island Lake's Joe Ptak of League of Women Voter's Candidates' Night Pledge of Allegiance fame spoke, too.

Cary District 26 School Board member Chris Jenner spoke in support of Danielle Rowe.

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Rowe is running against State Rep. Kent Gaffney and David McSweeney.


Photos of Danielle Rowe’s Island Lake Fund Raiser — 2 Comments

  1. I think the caption of your second photo is wrong.

    Clearly in the other photos, Mary has long hair and is wearing a lavender colored top with a large beaded necklace.

    The lady pointing her index finger in the second photo has short hair, a gold necklace and is wearing a burgundy-ish top.

  2. It is great to see the TEA Party support that Danielle Rowe is receiving…she needs it because she has a tough fight on her hands.

    There are three individuals running in the Republican Primary.

    A big concern to some is that the conservative vote might be split between Danielle Rowe and another candidate.

    The “party appointed” incumbent is a “moderate insider” who is pro-choice, and willing to raise fees to pay for state programs.

    The biggest fear for some individuals is that the incumbent will vote as told by the people who appointed him…and not as desired by the residents of the 52nd State Representative District.

    Bottom line, they are three fine candidates…but in my opinion…Danielle Rowe has the right kind of message and tenacity needed to shake things up in Springfield!

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