Danielle Rowe Makes a Door-to-Door Sale

Location – Dundee Township
Weather – Rain
Goal – Vote and yard sign placement

On this wet day, State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe was knocking on doors in Dundee Township.

Danielle Rowe is repared for the weather.

It was wet.

Finding people home must have been a problem.

Danielle Rowe finds someone home.

The goal is to get the man’s vote and permission to put up a year sign.

Danielle Rowe finds it may be raining, but it's not too wet to put up a yard sign.

But this man opened the door.

= = = = =
All candidates were asked in the same email to submit photos of their knocking on doors. So far, Rowe’s opponents, David McSweeney and Kent Gaffney have not replied.

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