Wis. Lt. Gov. Endorses Danielle Rowe, Says She Fears Rowe May Be So Successful that Chicago Dems Will Hide Out North of the Border

A press release from State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe. She is facing off against appointed incumbent Kent Gaffney and David McSweeney.


ISLAND LAKE – Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is standing with conservative reformer Danielle Rowe because she is the only candidate in the 52nd District race who can bring revolutionary change to Illinois.

Wis. Lt.. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch had this to say about Danielle Rowe,

“Gov. Scott Walker and I, along with Republicans in the State Legislature, turned things around in Wisconsin by translating conservative grassroots principles into public policy.

“As a result, we’ve grown jobs, fully funded our state pensions and balanced our state budget without raising taxes.

“Danielle Rowe is exactly the type of conservative, grassroots leader Illinois needs in its General Assembly.

“I believe Rowe will do what she says when it comes to standing for pro-growth economic policies that respect the small business owner/operator and standing against the profligate tax-borrow-spend culture in Springfield that has decimated Illinois’ economy.

“My only fear is that Rowe will be so effective in Springfield she may drive Chicago Democrats north of the border to hide out in Wisconsin.”

Danielle Rowe

“I am honored to have such a prominent conservative woman standing with me in my campaign,” Rowe said.

“She is a fighter and I am a fighter.”

“We don’t accept the status quo and we challenge the false premises and bad policies that have led to economic devastation in our states.

“We need revolutionary reforms like those in Wisconsin to turn our state around.”

“The voters in our district have a clear choice,” Rowe said.

“I support the reforms of Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch and my opponents do not.”

“I support the revolutionary change Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch have delivered in Wisconsin.

“Walker & Kleefisch inherited a $3.6 billion budget deficit and they stopped runaway spending and borrowing, balanced the budget in one year without raising taxes and created tens of thousands of private sector jobs as a result of their improved business climate.

“My opponents represent the status quo in Illinois and a continuation of the same old, failed policies that got us into this mess in the first place.”

Putting her grassroots conservative principles into policy action is what led to Danielle Rowe’s endorsement by the Illinois Tea Party.

Rowe is the first woman and first State Representative candidate ever endorsed by the statewide tea party organization.

Rowe’s campaign has also been highlighted by American Grizzlies United and Organizing 4 Palin.

Danielle is the only state representative candidate in the entire country to have earned that distinction from the Sarah Palin supporting grassroots organization.

Rowe went to Wisconsin and stood with Republican Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch when they were fighting for revolutionary change in early 2011.

Rowe returned to Wisconsin last summer to help coordinate the State Senate recall campaigns against Democrat legislators who fled to Illinois instead of doing their jobs and voting up or down on real reforms.


Wis. Lt. Gov. Endorses Danielle Rowe, Says She Fears Rowe May Be So Successful that Chicago Dems Will Hide Out North of the Border — 6 Comments

  1. Go, Danielle, Go!

    Great to see such a great new leader receiving endorsements from other conservative reformers and organizations.

    Keep it up!

  2. Who cares what the Lt. Governor of Wisconsin thinks about an Illinois House Race?

    Even if Wisconsin wasn’t hemorrhaging jobs and there was a chance the Walker administration wasn’t going to be booted out of office soon, why would any Illinoisan care what she thinks?

  3. Hey Joe, would you rather the Lt Gov of Illinois endorse a candidate?

    Kleefisch probably has more in common with the folks in McHenry County that Lt Gov Simon anyway.

    Go Danielle Go!

  4. You see Joe…They have the Miller light on tap in Walker’s office.

    Thats why she talks crazy.

    I ask why does walker want to use $125 million of gov. funds to bal. the buget insted of give it to the home owers to refi. their mortgages as Obama proposed.????

    They bal. the buget by making teachers put more of their pay checks in to the pension funds and if you look at the real record they have lost jobs not what she is talking about.

    What a line up!!

  5. WI Sanitation Engineer > most current Illinois politicians so I would take that endorsement anytime!

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