Kent Gaffney Picks Up $10,500, McSweeney $2,000

Kent Gaffney

Kent Gaffney picked up some more big money this week.

  • $5,000 – Citizens to Elect Tom Cross, Plainfield
  • $2,000 – AT&T Services, Inc, Chicago
  • $1,500 – Friends of [State Rep. Tim] Schmitz, Batavia
  • $1,000 – Credit Union PAC, Naperville
  • $1,000 – James Drury, Executive Search, JDrury Partners, CEO, Barrington Hills

Assuming that House Republican Leader has carried on the practice of his predecessor Lee Daniels, Republicans in leadership positions (who are paid more than the ordinary legislator) are assessed some number of thousands of dollars for the House Republican Organization.

In the alternative, if the practice is still in place, state representatives may contribute to designed legislators who are deemed to need the financial assistance.

Gaffney, as folks should know by now, was Cross’ budget guy for a decade.

David McSweeney

Meanwhile, opponent Dave McSweeney received $2,000, presumably from people approached about his March 12th fund raiser with John McCain:

  • $1,000 -Michael L. Keiser, Chicago
  • $1,000 – Timothy P. Maloney, Chicago

The third candidate in the race, Danielle Rowe, received no contributions of $1,000 or above.

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