Hand Addressing Envelopes

You will notice that most campaign mail is computer addressed.

All those little bar codes above the name and address to qualify for the cheapest postage available.

Gina Le Fevour, Lenore Nolan, Wayne Larson, Sandy Larson and Sherry Ahrens are addressing envelopes for Ersel Schuster's McHenry County Board campaign.

Yet today, there were two groups of people hand addressing political mail.

“Personal touch,” is how District 6 McHenry County Board candidate put it when I saw her yesterday morning at Crystal Lake’s Jewel’s Deli counter buying eats for those who would have weary hands.

I told her I like to run articles on how people campaign and requested a photo.

Not only was Schuster having an addressing party, but on that gloomy day so was District 3 candidate Mary Alger.

Below is the post card she is mailing out:

The address side of Mary Alger's first mailing.

The Mary Alger post card.


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