Karen McConnaughay Rebuts Cliff Surges’ “Cozy Relationship” Charge

A press release from State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay, who is facing off against Cliff Surges:

Surges mudslinging reaches a new low in effort to save failing campaign

Karen McConnaughay responds to opponent’s claim that her 76 year-old mother-in-law, businesswoman and family matriarch is a criminal

Karen McConnaughay

St. Charles, IL—The following is a statement from State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay regarding a press release issued by her campaign opponent.

“For some time, my opponent’s campaign has paid only lip-service to the crucial issues our state faces and has chosen instead to peddle rumor, innuendo, personal attacks and a smoke screen of fabrications to cover the fact that his campaign is going nowhere.

While his web of falsehoods is nothing new in politics it crosses a line when he levels personal attacks at my family, particularly my 76 year-old mother-in-law.

To imply that my mother-in-law, a respected business woman and matriarch of one of the oldest families in Geneva is somehow involved in a public corruptions scheme is disgusting and unforgivable.

My mother-in-law has been in the real estate business in Geneva for decades. Her company recently rented warehouse space to the Geneva Township Highway Department to store equipment at a lower cost that has saved local taxpayers thousands of dollars.

The facts are simple. I played no role in this transaction and at no time did I discuss it with either party. This transaction in no way involves Kane County government, county funds, personnel or resources. My husband and I have no management role in McConnaughay Properties, my mother-in-law’s business, we have no ownership in the company or the property involved, and derive no financial benefit at all from this transaction.

But these facts are not important to my opponent. He will attack the integrity of one of the leading citizens of our community at the drop of a hat if there is the chance for some political gain. His snide implications that this completely legitimate and cost-saving transaction is some sort of political pay-off is an outrage.

Attacks against me are nothing new. I have been in the arena of public life for some time and know that if you are going to get things done and make progress, you are going to ruffle feathers. But I will not stand by and see my family, particularly someone with the spotless reputation of Rosemary McConnaughay, be dragged into my opponent’s mudslinging circus.

My opponent and his professional political attack dog “demand an explanation” and I am happy to oblige. The explanation is that the voters appreciate my record, my leadership and my position on the issues we face, and because of that they have fabricated another “scandal” out of thin air because it is the only way they can hope to succeed.”

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You can find Surges’ press release here.


Karen McConnaughay Rebuts Cliff Surges’ “Cozy Relationship” Charge — 4 Comments

  1. Karen is just as sleazy in this specific argument.

    Surges never said the mother in law was a crimina; he questioned cozy business arrangements.

    That is fair game, Surges should have verified his facts or argued differently.

    However it is in keeping with Illinois politics to hide sweetheart deals behind family members, including old ladies.

    Illinois politicians in both parties being courageous and gentlemen and all.

  2. Karen McConnaughay protests too much. This appears to be a no bid contract going to a family business.

    And when did Surges state anything “criminal?”

    Just like McConnaughay to put words into everyones mouth after taking a million plus from her connected vendors and pals.

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