Dave McSweeney Sends Real Estate Tax Piece

This past week, State Rep. candidate David McSweeney was promoting his candidacy in mailboxes throughout the 52nd District.  He is running against St. Rep. Kent Gaffney and Danielle Rowe.

I have to admit not getting the imagery on the address side of the big post card until I looked at it a third time.

At first I thought it was a night sky.

But, it turns it was water, dark blue water.

And the stars I thought I saw were bubbles.

I guess there was a clue in the headline, “Illinois; Homeowners are Sinking Fast.  Why are Property Taxes on the Rise.”

With that message, it’s a shame that the election is not after property tax bills are mailed, because they certainly will go up, because pretty much every McHenry County tax district has decided to “tax to the max.”

In any event, here’s the address side.

This is what is on the address side of the Dave McSweeney mailing this week.

The back of Dave McSweeney's real estate mailer says he "will work to cut bureaucracy and force local governments to consolidate and shrink their budgets." Click to enlarge.


Dave McSweeney Sends Real Estate Tax Piece — 2 Comments

  1. Is the picture of McSweeney from his college days or what? Shesh!

  2. David McSweeney mailers are like The Simpsons, everyone stays the same age forever.

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