Cary and Fox River Grove Grade School Distrricts Contemplate Merger Study

The Cary Grade School Board will meet at the Junior High School on Crystal Lake Road tonight to discuss studying the advantiages and disadvantages of merging with the Fox River Grove School District.

That’s what seems to be behind this innocuous looking agenda item on the Cary District 26’s School Board Agenda tonight:

10. Topics for Discussion

10.2 Consolidation Feasibility Study

We have it on our agenda as “to discuss discussing about merging of districts,” Fox River Grove Districts 3 Superintendent Tim Mahaffy told me today.

Specifically, the Agenda says, “Consider Invitation for Involvement in an Exploration of Merging with D26.”

Interesting how Fox River Grove’s Board Agenda reveals more than does that of Cary.

Fox River Grove’s School Board is meeting tonight, too.

Most children from both elementary school districts attend Cary-Grove High School.

Could there be a second attempt to created a Unit School District in the area’s future?


Cary and Fox River Grove Grade School Distrricts Contemplate Merger Study — 2 Comments

  1. I wonder what IL State law says about the salary schedules of two merging elementary districts.

    Does the higher schedule have to be used, as is the case when an elementary and high school district merge? – Obviously the teacher unions were involved in passing that law.

    Here’s an recent article about school district consolidation in Illinois.

    High salary costs may nip Evanston school-merger idea


    January 16, 2012 5:46PM

    “The boards have invited legislative lobbyist Erika Lindley, executive director of Ed-RED, to provide an update on Illinois school reform and the work of the Illinois School Consolidation and Realignment Commission. The commission was created by the Illinois General Assembly in 2011 and is scheduled to present its findings no later than January 2013.”

    Here’s a report titled “School District Reorganizations.”

    Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) board meeting September 22, 2010.

    “From FY 1984 to FY 2010, the number of school districts has decreased from 1,008 to 869, a reduction of more than 13 percent.”

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