McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman’s Dismissal Letter Less Redacted after Illinois Attorney General’s Intervention

The game of hiding information from the public that Sheriff Keith Nygren is playing with regard to his firing of Deputy Scott Milliman after he gave a deposition in Deputy Zane Seipler’s wrong termination suit has had a couple of holes poked into it.

Here’s the original response:

The first page of what was provided last year when Scott Milliman's dismissal letter was requested.

Hee's the second page of Scott Milliman's dismissal letter supplied last year pursuant to a Freedom of Information request.

Very informative, aren’t they?

Below is what the Sheriff’s Department released today:

The second time around, there is actually something that can be seen in Scott Milliman's dismissal letter.

Let’s take a closer look at what has not been blocked out:

The reasons for the dismissal that are being made public. It ties back to the deposition that Scott Milliman gave in Zane Seipler's wrongful termination case in Federal Court.

Here is a key sentence:

Scott Milliman

“During your testimony, you knowingly provided numerous statements about your personal knowledge and alleged criminal acts  by Sheriff Keith Nygren over a period of several years.  The allegations you made in your deposition regarding the conduct of Sheriff Nygren were false.  You provided additional testimony that indicated you are in direct violation of multiple general orders, included but not limited to

  • Conduct unbecoming to a Sheriff’s employee
  • Conduct toward superiors, subordinates, and associates
  • Reporting violations of laws, ordinances, rules, or orders
  • Criticism
  • Insubordination or disrespect toward a supervisory member on or off duty
  • Neglect or inattention to duty
  • Responsibility to take action
  • Truthfulness
  • Extra duty and secondary employment

No black marks (just missing white areas) through every word in Scott Milliman's dismissal letter after intervention by Lisa Madigan's Public Access Bureau.

The second page tells of the opportunities that Milliman had to attend tow per-disciplinary meetings.  In the first, he “did not provide any information or evidence to back up the allegations you made.”

Milliman did not attend the second meeting, according to the letter, on the advice of his attorney.

The case is about to go to an arbitration hearing, pursuant to the Fraternal Order of Police union contract.


McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman’s Dismissal Letter Less Redacted after Illinois Attorney General’s Intervention — 7 Comments

  1. Hats off to the brave men that speak the truth.

    As I recall, Nygren said that Milliman was not fired for what he said in a deposition.

    That is where the critical information about Nygren was revealed.

    Makes me think that a ticket or warning is not the real reason Seipler was fired. Hmmmmmmm.

    Sounding to me like a good, honest cop was railroaded.

    Yes. send thank you’s to Zane Seipler and it seems that Milliman deserves some thanks.

  2. Nygren is one bad dude. He’s a thug. Thank goodness he’ll be officially leaving the county soon so he can stay in Florida. He has ruined the Republican Party as well as many Sheriff deputies lives. He has cost the county millions.

  3. Skeptic. Your comments are becoming more and more evident.

    Looks as if his “golden boy” Zinke is no better.

    Ken K. better watch out for who he might appoint to fill Nygren’s spot as it could reflect very badly on him.

    Ken should learn that eventually it can bite you and you can go down the drain as well.

  4. Can’t wait to see who will be eligible for appointment to the Office of Sheriff in July or August, when Nygren retires. He probably won’t quit sooner, because that would throw the Office of Sheriff into the November 2012 election, where the voters would choose the next sheriff (for two years).

    The County Board will have to appoint a Republican. Illinois Election law won’t allow otherwise. But the Board may have several choices, and it will be wise to be cautious and pick a squeaky clean person of high integrity.

    Will the Board examine the morals of all the persons it considers? If a person demonstrates poor morals in his personal life, but shoes are shined and the badge polished, will that be good enough for the County Board?

  5. There is a ‘Truth’ sitting out there that perhaps four men know of that will blow this “Termination Letter” to shreds.

    “Somebody” better be holding his breath, the “Entire Story” might just find its way to the citizens of McHenry County.

    There are facts backed up by documents, audio and video ”wire” tapes and more, which will show a time line of events that make Nygren’s letter a 100 percent fabrication of truth.

    Mr. Koehler there has come a time where you best step in to protect the check book of your county as this Sheriff is digging you a hole so deep you won’t be able to find any insurance company willing to assume the liability risk this man is placing your citizen’s in.

    The Question for those who are not privy to the intimate details of what is going on around you should be;

    “What did he (Nygren) know, and when did he know it?”

    Evidence exists that answers these questions and they all point to one man, many lies!

    Anybody shop at the old K-Mart in Woodstock on September 17, 2009?

    More to follow!

  6. Is buying alcohol for minors illegal?

    How about if the minors get drunk and die in a car crash?

    Zinke should know the answer.

    Closets and skeletons.

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