Woodstock Catholics Get Call To Action: “It’s about President Obama…and Freedom of Religion”

Here’ an email sent out yesterday by Msgr. Aaron Brodeski, Pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Woodstock:

Dear parishioners,I hope and pray your Lent has started off well!

As you know, the Catholic Church is in the forefront of a fierce battle right now with the federal government. Unfortunately, much of the rhetoric about this, in the news media and from the White House, is inaccurate.

True, Catholic moral teaching is now and always has been that contraception and abortion are contrary to the natural law of God.

But this battle is not ultimately about contraception!

>We, as a Church, will continue to hold true to the moral teachings we have always believed on that issue.

I do believe we’ve been lax in explaining that teaching.

For that I do apologize.

I am just as guilty of that as any.

It’s an uncomfortable topic to address so I, like many priests, do not bring it up very often at all. I will look for some ways to explain that teaching to you all in the coming months. It’s actually a very beautiful teaching of our Church when understood properly.

But, as I say, this is not primarily about our teaching on contraception or abortion.

It’s about President Obama and HHS attempting to undermine the God given right of the freedom of religion and respect for the moral consciences of all Americans.

It’s about the president attempting to force all Americans to pay for services that some are morally opposed to.

The Catholic Church is not seeking to outlaw contraception in this case.

Rather, we are simply refusing to pay for it from our church funds through our insurance plans.

The Church will not comply with a civil law that we believe is contrary to the divine law.

Therefore, whether you understand the Church’s moral teaching on contraception and abortion or not, I invite you to join in this battle for religious liberty and the respect for the moral conscience of all Americans.

This is a God given right, not a right given to us by the government.

Immediate action needed #1- Respect for Rights of Conscience Act

Next week, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act.  I urge you to read about this legislation ask you to email congress asking them to pass this legislation. More information can be found by clicking here.  Emailing congress can easily be done from the links on that page.

Jack Franks

Immediate action needed #2 – The Ultrasound Opportunity Act

Additionally, I bring to your attention an important piece of legislation in the Illinois General Assembly and ask you to email Representative Jack Franks urging him to vote yes on this bill.  Information on this bill and how to email him can be found by clicking here.

Lastly, if you would like to join in a grassroots effort of

  • prayer,
  • education and
  • legislative action,

I invite you to a meeting next Thursday, March 1, at 7:30 pm in the St. Joseph Center.

I will give an overview of this issue and we will hold a discussion of ideas on how we can do our part to guarantee that the freedom of religion and conscience is protected.

In the future, if you would like to continue receiving emails like this from St. Mary’s please click on the “update profile” link at the bottom of this email and add yourself to our “legislative alerts” list.

God bless,

Msgr. Aaron Brodeski


Woodstock Catholics Get Call To Action: “It’s about President Obama…and Freedom of Religion” — 2 Comments

  1. If the church wants the government to stay out of their business, they shold stay out of politics. If they want to get political from the pulpit, they should pay taxes!

  2. Hmmm.

    If they paid taxes would we let the church provide whatever type of insurance they would like?

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