Northwest Herald Turns Up the Heat on Three Crystal Lake County Board Members Who Voted to Maximize Tax Bill

In a wrap-up article about the District 2 McHenry County Board contest in the Republican Party primary, Kevin Craver focused on a significant difference between the three incumbents running for re-election and challengers Tom Wilbeck and Carolyn Schofield.

The incumbents,

  • Jim Heisler
  • Ken Koehler
  • Donna Kurtz

all voted to ask for the maximum amount of taxes possible under the Illinois Tax Cap law (which the professionals call PTELL, resulting in no ordinary taxpayer’s knowing what they are talking about).

Wilbeck, on the other hand, decided to seek a County Board seat because of the District 2 incumbents’ vote.

For some reason, he is not emphasizing that crucial different in his campaign literature, which you see below:

The front of Tom Wilbeck's literature is very similar to his billboards.

The back emphases his family mantra - We don't say no, We don't say maybe, We say we wil!

The other non-incumbent is Crystal Lake City Councilwoman Schofield. As you can see below, she doesn’t use that issue in an attempt to win votes:

Carolyn Schofield's literature has her scaled down yard sign design on top and stresses integrity.

The back of Carolyn Schofield's piece emphasizes her background and qualifications, what she has done on the Crystal Lake City Council.and what what she wants to do on the County Board.

It wouldn’t be fair to just show you the challenger’s literature, so let me share what I shall hand deliver to those who live in my Algonquin Township Precinct 7.

In alphabetical order (one discrimination that no one has taken up), Jim Heisler’s is first. Jim is running a real campaign this time around, as opposed to last time when I only saw one 4 foot by 4 foot sign across from the Methodist Church. But, when I asked for literature, I found he had to go to the archives in the basement of his shoe store. That’s what you see below:

Jim Heisler talks about his family business and involvement in the community on the front of his campaign piece.

On the flip side of Jim Heisler's literature, he emphasizes tax relief, traffic congeston releif, growth paying its own way, open space and some other isses, but listing his background.

Ken Koehler’s palm card is newly minted.

Ken Koehler stresses fiscal responsibility and accountability, good land use planning, improved roads and public tranist, protecting natural resources and imrpoving the economic climate.

On the back of Ken Koehler's piece is something of a repeat of the themes on the front with the addition of groundwater protection and safeguarding youth. All is issue-oriented. Very little biographic data.

Finally, Donna Kurtz, like Heisler, is using re-cycled literature. It’s a door hanger that was used when she won election by defeating Lyn Orphal (now running for County Board in District 3).

The front of Donna Kurtz' literature stresses protecting the quality of life.

The back of Donna Kurtz' campaign piece sets out her goals, reputation and background. She emphasizes asking tough questions, listening and standing up for the community.

There is one coincidence that might be worth mentioning.

The two candidates who did not print new literature–Heisler and Kurtz–ran first in their last GOP primary election.

Four are to be elected from among the five candidates on the Republican primary ballot. You can see what the County Board portion of the ballot looks like below:

If you ask for a Republican Party ballot in McHenry County Board District 2, this is what you will see.

With only five candidates on the ballot, the order of name appearance is not as important as it is when there are seven or more running.


Northwest Herald Turns Up the Heat on Three Crystal Lake County Board Members Who Voted to Maximize Tax Bill — 13 Comments

  1. If we can get rid of Khoeler, Nygren and Lantz all in the same year……

    What a wonderful world it would be.

  2. I may be only voting for two. Carolyn Schofield gets my vote and then probably Wilbeck.

    I may not cast another vote for Kurtz who has wasted her credibility from standing up to the MCC baseball stadium by voting for a tax increase and NOT standing up enough to Chairman Neckbeard.

  3. Mr. Greenlee

    I think Schofield voted to increase the Crystal Lake sales tax? what I hear she
    is a close ally of Kurtz.

    So only fiscal conservative is Wilbeck

  4. Charlie,

    Carolyn was not on the City Council when the Sales Tax was increased in Crystal Lake.

  5. I am shocked at Ms. Kurtz vote.

    I ‘loved’ her show of courage when she stood up and voted down the baseball stadium.

    I guess it just shows the old saying indeed is true, “Lie Down with Dogs, you get flees!”

    Of all people, Ms Kurtz, I thought you would be the shining star of the county board…..

    I prayed you would win a seat so we could have a voice of reason and strength and a person who could lead the county into the future.

    Now it appears, you’re a ‘Shining Beard!’

    You need more money for what?

    Has anybody left McHenry County for any period of time say ten to twenty years, then returned……?

    Notice anything different?

    NOPE, not a darned thing…

    Rt 14, Rt 47, driving thru Woodpile, is EXACTLY the same… from the Crystal Lake Intersection of 176 and 14 to Woodstock, I see one change in over 20 years….

    You guys put a stop light in at 14 and Ridgefield Road….

    So when Koehler brags he has kept McHenry County at a financial surplus, it’s because he hasn’t done anything to improve anything for the citizens.

    Where are the capital improvements?

    At least Nygren has brought in Money with his deals with the Feds…..and as unhappy as many are with the Sheriff, and Im not a big fan myself, BUT, at least he has raised money to pay for his “Star!”

    Mchenry County still looks like Hicksville and that is surprising given the fact that the county is FULL of very intelligent men and women.

    And Lakewood….. all the intelligent people living in there and you put up with the likes of an Erin Smith who is ‘sucking’ you dry…..!

    Hey Smith, why don’t you write the 340,000 check out of your personal bank account because that is what you just did to the residents of Lakewood.

    I was hoping some female input would have been beneficial…… but all I see is more of the same.

    I’m stunned that the quality of people who live in the county, tolerate what is going on…

    It’s as if you are all bending over and saying to those who you keep electing to govern your tax dollars,’

    “Thank you Sir/Madame, May I have another??” “And how about, ANOTHER?”

  6. PoliticianNot: Good points about Kurtz, which underscores my disappointment in her.

    Carolyn Schofield has not voted to raise taxes and tried to assist in making it easier for business to do business with City Hall (would be easier to do business with a new mayor and city manager, methinks).

  7. I also found this on Ms. Kurtz to be, well, I don’t want to say bad words about anybody.

    I found her petition signing choices to be rather bizarre. What has happened to this woman? What kind of person does this, follow link?

    No shame! No class! And I REALLY REALLY thought Ms. Kurtz was the cats meow.

    I hope and pray she goes back to the person she was before she got into the ‘slop’ pit.

    I guess this is what happens when you become self absorbed by the power of Politics.

    “Power” is a very dangerous drug Ms. Kurtz, use it wisely.

    When used as prescribed by those who elected you, they can serve you well and can heal your soul.

    You’re better than what you have been showing and I want to give you the benefit of the doubt as a human being.

    However, I no longer trust you with my vote. My hopes for you to run our county no longer exist.

    Remember the brilliant line from this song by the Temptations, “Smiling Faces?”

  8. Why is it that Kurtz’s election signs do not have the re-elect rather they only say elect as if she was not an incumbent. Dishonest ?

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