Reverse Twist on Northwest Herald Endorsement

District 2 McHenry County Board candidate Mary Alger has come up with three new ideas during her campaign.

First, she designed a Tea Party elephant to symbolize Tea Party Republicans.

Mary Alger's symbol for Tea Party Republicans.

"STOP STEALING MARY ALGER'S SIGNS" signs will probably have more impact that her original ones.

Then, when opponents started tearing down her signs, she printed and posted signs saying,

“Stop Tearing Down Mary Alger’s Signs.”

And now, Alger is trying to turn what most people would consider a negative–not being endorsed by the Northwest Herald–into a positive with the sign you see below:

This Mary Alger sign says, "NOT endorsed by the NW Herald!"

When one considers that there are over 100,000 households in McHenry County and the Northwest Herald has weekday circulation of 31,000+and Sunday circulation of 34,000, that means about least two-thirds of households do not get the paper.

So, maybe Alger is making a better bet than some people might think.

I wonder if she will drive home the point in a mailing.


Reverse Twist on Northwest Herald Endorsement — 5 Comments

  1. I often hear, “I really like Ron Paul, except for his foreign policy. And he’s unelectable.”

    Of course Mr. “Unelectable” was elected to congress 12 times, and his son was elected to the US senate on his first try.

    I like Mary Alger, except for her foreign policy (which has little bearing on local or state offices).

    And no one is unelectable.

    I’m living proof.

    Twice so far.

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