Jim Schlader Answers ALAW’s McHenry County Board Questionnaire

District 3 Republican McHenry County Board candidate answers the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s Questionnaire below:

Jim Schlader

ALAW County Board Candidates Survey: 2012 Primary Election

A. Land Use

1. Do you agree that new development should be located where infrastructure exists, to minimize the extension of new roads, utilities and services, and protect farmland and water recharge areas? YES

2. If elected, will you support permanent protection of agricultural land and the agricultural industry in the County? YES

3. Do you agree or disagree that new rural development costs more for the extension of infrastructure (roads, water, sewer and services) than it brings to the County in taxes and that those extra costs are passed on to the existing taxpayers? YES

B. Water Resources

1. Would you oppose any land use change that would exceed a locally recharged aquifer’s capacity? YES

2. If elected will you enforce use of the SARA – Sensitive Aquifer Recharge Areas map developed by the County Water Resources Department, as a determining factor in every land use change decision? YES

3. Do you support redistributing groundwater from water-rich areas to areas that have over drawn their groundwater? NO

4. In your opinion, will McHenry County be able to get Lake Michigan water? NO

C. The Role of County Government

1. Should the county provide support services to municipal governments, for example issuing and enforcing municipal building permits, administering and enforcing the Storm Water ordinance? YES

2. Do you support a county housing program where the county purchases, constructs, remodels, rents, sells homes throughout the county and in municipalities? YES

3. Do you support a county bus program, where the county takes over responsibility for established service between select cities and townships? YES

4. Should the county health department report to the county board as opposed to an independent board of directors? NO

5. Do you think county government should increase expenditures and the scope of its activities, which will increase taxes to its residents? NO

Jim Schlader claps at Mike Tryon's Fish Boil.

D. Transparency and Commitment

1. County board records indicate that the average number of meetings necessary for attendance by a County Board Member is 8. This includes two full board meetings a month and two meetings a month for each committee (generally three) the member is assigned. Are you able and willing to make the commitment to represent your constituents to this extent? YES

2. During the last primary election 32 candidates for county offices voluntarily filled out the ALAW initiated Statement of Economic Interests BEFORE the election. This form is now required once you are elected, but we need to know before we elect you. Will you follow suit and file yours with us now? (Form attached with mailing instructions.) YES

3. Do you agree that all scheduled county meeting agendas and minutes, including committee and sub-committees, should be posted on the County web site? YES

4. Would you have voted to raise the county board members salaries? NO

5. Would you have voted to increase the real estate tax levy by 1.5% thus increasing the amount of real estate tax collected by the county by $1.1 ml.? NO

E. Short Answer. Only the number of words indicated will be published in the response report. (please add a page if you need more room, but remember that we can only print the number of words indicated and reserve the right to edit your response for that reason. Thank you.)

1.If you are elected to serve the residents of McHenry County, what external state and local agencies do you think are important for the county to liaison with and how would you make sure that information is flowing both ways with that agency? If you are currently serving and are an appointed liaison, please tell us what agency you are assigned and how you accomplish effective two-way communication. (50 words)

Jim Schlader

I have always been an advocate of two-way communication. It is especially important in harsh economic time that we work even harder at promoting constructive communication. I was particularly encouraged when I attended the “Helping People Forum” recently. These are the kinds of services that I will help promote.

2. By protecting agricultural lands and soil resources, groundwater and its natural recharge can also be protected. What will you do to provide that protection? (50 words)

We should continue to enact and enforce regulations that promote soil and water conservation like the McHenry County Groundwater Resources Management Plan and our McHenry County Stormwater Management Ordinance both of which I support.

3. Most municipalities in the county have their own economic development commissions or committees. Economic development has to occur where there is existing infrastructure. The county funds the private McHenry County Economic Development Corporation ($635,985. for the 2009-2012 term) to create development in the county outside of municipalities. Is this a good investment of taxpayer money? (50 words)

Jim Schlader giving his closing remarks at the Young Republicans' Canidates Forum at McHenry County College.

Yes, I support the McHenry County EDC because it promotes a strong business climate and encourages new jobs for the people of McHenry County. “Its mission is to encourage and develop the economic health of McHenry County, Illinois through the retention, expansion and attraction of commerce and industry which is conducive to an optimal quality of life for its citizens.”

4. Do you think Fleming Road, Alden Road and other county roads that do not serve highly developed commercial areas, need to be widened and “improved” at this time? (50 words)

I feel that it is very important for us to protect and preserve our heritage for future generations to also enjoy. I have no problem with resurfacing projects that stay within the roads current footprint. I think the people have spoken on this issue. NO!

5. What weight should you as a county board member give the opinions of citizens affected by zoning decisions, special use permits and road projects? (50 words)

I believe the citizens should be allowed the opportunity and the time to review any key project that borders them, is funded by them and is affecting them by the decision. It is important to allow our citizens the chance to provide their feedback and we should listen.

6. What in your background qualifies you to serve the public as a county board representative and what do you intend to accomplish if elected to the County Board. You may also use this space to provide additional information regarding any of the “yes / no” answers given above. (100 words)

I will bring over forty years of experience in business dealing with issues, making correct critical decisions. I have always been an excellent communicator, a good listener and a person who respects the rights of others.

I am a conservative who applies what has learned over the years, to make the right choices. I am active member of the community, supporter of my church and servant of my God. I try to do the right thing to protect my environment and have taken an active role as a member of the McHenry County Defenders.

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