NW Herald Article Actually Quotes Cal Skinner

Last August Democrat Jack Franks raised expectations on the sign outside of his Route 47 Woodstock office. The message was "JACK PASSED LAW TO HELP LOWER PROPERTY TAXES." This couldn't have related to the Property Tax idea, because it was defeated during the later Fall Veto Session. Anyone have any idea what he was talking about during McHenry County Fair time?

Guess my

  • article about the motivation for Democrat Jack Franks’ Real Estate Tax Cap bill and
  • the one about his Senate sponsor’s outright rejection of the idea and
  • the posting of the email from Crystal Lake Grade School District 47 bemoaning the House passage of Senate Bill 2073

must have caught the attention of someone at the paper of record in McHenry County.

There were three paragraphs in the article resulting from the interview with Brett Rowlan:

“One local political observer dismissed Franks’ bill as being just for show.

“’It’s a [media] headline bill,’ said Cal Skinner, a former state legislator and local blogger. ‘It has no chance of passage.’

“He suggested it might be an election year stunt by Democrats to distract voters from last year’s income tax increase. Nonetheless, Skinner said the bill ‘certainly catches the mood of the taxpayers.’”

My little part made the first page of the internet edition, but not on the print edition, where the story was top right on the page.

But there was no link to McHenry County Blog.


NW Herald Article Actually Quotes Cal Skinner — 2 Comments

  1. In the last couple of years, I have seen our local bloggers get news stories, especially stories regarding public corruption, printed and to the readers far faster and more accurately than that piece of garbage NWH.

    Anyone that still subscribes to that rag is getting robbed.

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