Fellow Democrat Finds “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Got $1,000 from Com Ed Ally Ameren

Just in case you haven’t read the latest piece from “Tree Hugging” McHenry County Blogster Cal Skinner, you need to in order to set the stage for this follow-up article.

Here’s where you can find it:

Jack Franks Shows Tree Killer Side

And, if you don’t want to read it, Franks introduced legislation on February 28th, an amendment to his House Bill 3884, which will allow Com Ed and Ameren to cut down any tree within 20 feet of a power line.

Scott Summers speaks at a McHenry County College Board meeting.

As the headline of this piece indicates, the following observation comes from a Democrat on the same primary ballot as State Rep. Jack Franks.

His name is Scott Summers.

He is so dedicated to preserving the environment that he took the train home to Harvard after an organization meeting of the Green Party, on whose ticket he has run for Congress and State Treasurer.  (I took him to the train station after covering the meeting before the GOP organization meeting.)

In any event, now running as a Democrat for the McHenry County Board, Summers posted the following comment under the above referenced story:

From the Illinois State Board of Elections website (www.elections.il.gov):

Donated to: Supporters of Jack D Franks

Contributed By:
Ameren, P O Box 66892, St. Louis, MO 63166

Ameren is the Com Ed of Central and Southern Illinois.


= = = = =

Franks was elected in 1998 and when this year is up will have served 14 years.

No one is running against him as a Republican…yet.

If anyone is interested in doing so, please email (address on the left hand side of the web site) or call me at 815-459-3505.

The McHenry County Republican Central Committee has the right (and I would argue the obligation) to make sure Franks has opposition…for this and a number of other reasons.


Fellow Democrat Finds “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Got $1,000 from Com Ed Ally Ameren — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe Jack should go see “The Lorax” at the local theater. I’m sure he can find a campaign contributor who’d pay his ticket.

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