“Chainsaw Jack” Franks’ Com Ed Tree Cutting Bill in Committee at Three, Email Addresses of House Public Utilities Committee Members

State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) is using up a lot of political capital carrying Commonwealth Edison’s chainsaw.

He has introduced legislation (House Bill 3884) which will allow electric utilities to chop down any tree within 20 feet of a power line.

As you drive around, look at the trees within 20 feet of a wire.

How barren will the streets look after the chainsaw massacre?

"The Illinois Chainsaw Massacre" has its premier showing in the Illinois Public Utiities Committee March 6, 2012.

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Below are the email addresses of the House Public Utilities Committee members:

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The poster was designed by Allan Showalter, who writes “Heck of a Guy” blog, where today you can see some of Showalter’s suggestions for a new McHenry County Seal.


“Chainsaw Jack” Franks’ Com Ed Tree Cutting Bill in Committee at Three, Email Addresses of House Public Utilities Committee Members — 6 Comments

  1. Maybe there should be a law to PREVENT or PENALIZE people planting trees where they will encroach upon the power lines.

    Our power has gone out three times because a idiot woman up the road planted some spruce trees and Maple trees right below the Com-Ed lines.

    She has about 300 foot of road frontage.

    About every three years the trees short the wires and power goes out,

    The Asplund tree trucks arrive cut back the trees and like Yogi Berra said “It’s Déjà all over again.”

    As you drive around.

    Look at the local planting of trees.

    Don’t people think ahead?

  2. People did think ahead – then in many cases, ComEd came along and said, “we’re taking this land because we need it for our towers.”

  3. I just looked at the POSTER (ABOVE) and noticed that the tree is planted RIGHT BELOW the com-ed line.

    You know that Com-Ed didn’t string the lines through the tree so obviouslky some idiot planted it.

    Look how that tree has been pruned to accommodate the wires.

    Like the nursury rhyme “When the wind blows” the power goes out and everyone blames Com-Ed…………RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  4. ComEd likes to tell lies. It all depends on the type of utility easement on your property.

    ComEd intimidates land owners. Just like they will be doing for the “Smart Meters”

    ComEd blame the “trees” for loss of power, an easy excuse.

    ComEd doesn’t want to put in underground lines. Their excuse is too expensive.. Looks like it’s more cost effective to bribe the Legislature.

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