Surges Calls Late Property Tax Payments Cited by McConnaughay “Old News”

Yesterday State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay issued a press release which I characterized as “pounding” her opponent Cliff Surges on not having paid property taxes on time.

I asked for a reply and here is what Surges sent:

A clam moment in the campaign occurred when Cliff Surges sat next to Karen McConnaughay at the Huntley Area Tea Party meeting on gun control.

“This is old news, as I have stated before, my property taxes have always been paid in full along with any fees.

“This was all disclosed in a press release that I had put out earlier in the campaign as I believe the single largest issue facing Illinois is the lack of public trust and truth in our existing public officials.

“The bigger issue is why are property taxes continuing to go up while our property values are going down?

“I just got hit with another 10% increase with no explanation while the value of my property dropped again.

“My opponent continues to run telephone poll after poll.

“She is not getting the results she expected and is resorting to mudslinging old issues.”


Surges Calls Late Property Tax Payments Cited by McConnaughay “Old News” — 2 Comments

  1. Sadly, Mr. Surges is again not being truthful. He claims his chronic tax delinquency is “old news,” but his original press release on January 22 only admitted to his late payments of his property taxes on his home.

    What he did not disclose is that he was, at that very moment, delinquent on the property taxes for his business property in Cook County. In fact, until last week, Mr. Surges NEVER paid the taxes on his office on time.

    He claimed his January 22nd disclosure of his delinquency was done in the interest of “transparency,” but he still hyprocritically hid his continued delinquency on his other property.

    And while he was lamenting his poor “cash flow” as the reason he couldn’t pay his taxes on time, he was able to loan his campaign $15,000 in cash, showing how empty his excuses really are.

    Try as he might to dismiss 25 delinquent tax payments in the last decade as “old news,” Mr. Surges still has to explain why voters would entrust him with the state’s finances when he can’t manage his own.

  2. What Ms. McConnaughay doesn’t want to discuss is how the one time Chairman of the COUNTY FINANCE committee and her friend was repeatedly late in tax payments. This topic was covered in detail in Kane County press articles.

    The Hurlbuts were past due on their taxes for their McLean Boulevard office building in 2004 and 2009 as well as their Elgin residence in 2008. Meanwhile, they were current on their two Lake Geneva, Wis., vacation homes.

    Ms. McConnnaughay was silent for almost a year when media reports stated that her closest ally on the board and the one she appointed to the highest level committees handling finance, development and leadership actually was even more consistant in non payment while collecting A KANE CO paycheck from taxpayers!

    Catherine Hurlbut claimed her taxes were paid in full and McConnaughay accepted the explanation. Not only did she accept it she ENDORSED Hurlbut after four newspaper articles were written on the subject.

    It appears that once again Ms. McConnaughay has different standards for her cronies and for her opponents that are gaining traction in this Senate race.

    Don’t expect Mr. O’Brien to come up with any legitimate response to this post.

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