Gaffney Upset at McSweeney’s Negative TV Ad – Bumped Up Because Found on YouTube

A press release from State Rep. Kent Gaffney. The incumbent is being challenged by Dave McSweeney and Danielle Rowe.

Gaffney Slams McSweeney for Negative, False Campaign Ad

Fox River Grove, IL – Acting true to form, politician David McSweeney is now resorting to negative attacks ads in his desperate attempt to save his failing campaign.

State Representative Kent Gaffney (R-Lake Barrington) slammed McSweeney for going negative and running blatantly false campaign ads. Gaffney issued the following statement:

Kent Gaffney speaks at the YR Candidates' Forum while primary opponent Dave McSweeney looks on.

“I have run a positive, issue-based campaign to inform voters of my budget expertise, my common-sense solutions for our state, and my endorsements by 50 local Republican leaders, the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Herald, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce PAC and the National Rifle Association.

“My opponent David McSweeney is the first candidate in this race to go negative. He’s running a blatantly false ad against me that outrageously attempts to link me to Pat Quinn and higher taxes. There are so many outright lies in McSweeney’s ad that I’m not sure even where to start.

“As the budget director for the House Republicans, I opposed the Blagojevich/Quinn borrowing and spending sprees that led to the state’s fiscal crisis. Last year, the Illinois House approved a revenue/spending estimate that was $2 billion below what Governor Quinn wanted to spend. And I worked to block Quinn’s borrowing plan that would have piled more debt onto taxpayers.

“Just last week, I voted against the FY13 revenue estimate because it was $500 million more than last year. I broke with House leadership and was one of only a handful of Republicans to vote against the higher revenue estimate. David McSweeney must have been too busy with his negative campaign to notice my vote against more spending.

“On taxes, I opposed the Democrats’ 67 percent income tax hike and worked to unite Republican legislators against it. I’m the chief sponsor of legislation to repeal the tax increase. There’s only one candidate in this race who has voted to raise taxes and his name is David McSweeney.

“I urge the voters of the 52nd District to reject David McSweeney’s false, negative attacks. I call on the media to carefully examine McSweeney’s claims, his long history of negative campaigns, and both of our records on the issues of taxes and spending. I am the only candidate in this race with the experience and proven track record to clean up the mess in Springfield.”

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The McSweeney television ad has not been posted on YouTube…at least I couldn’t find it.

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Here's the first message in the Dave McSweeney ad.

Someone found and pointed me to it. Three views as McHenry County Blog posts it.


Gaffney Upset at McSweeney’s Negative TV Ad – Bumped Up Because Found on YouTube — 10 Comments

  1. Mr. Gaffney should not be attacking anyone about negativity and false accusations.

    You have only to look back to Gaffney’s response to questions about the disparity in valid signatures on his petitions.

    You’re in a glass house, Mr. Gaffney

    You’ll just have to take it like everyone else in Illinois politics.

  2. You mean after McSweeney falsely accused Gaffney of misconduct and hired a bunch of trial lawyers to manufacture lies and distortions about his campaign.

    Yeah, Gaffney asking McSweeney to get out of the race sounds terrible and McSweeney lying about Gaffney’s background is total legit.

    McSweeney is just reacting to polling that shows Gaffney has overtaken him and McSweeney’s political future is in jeopardy.

    I think at this point most people are just going to say, anyone but McSweeney.

  3. McSweeney’s doing a great job of painting himself at the worse choice on the ballot to voters.

    He’s needed no help from Gaffney in presenting that image.

    I hope voters are smart enough to recognize the nonsense for what it is.

    We’ve all “been there, seen that” in Illinois.

  4. More reason for folks to support Rowe.

    McSweeney simply doesn’t have the character to represent the folks in the 52nd.

    Gaffney is a decent fellow, but we don’t need more moderates – we new conservative leadership.

    Danielle Rowe has my vote.

  5. Having posted here in support of Gaffney it will not shock anyone that I am disappointed in David’s ad.

    He actually has the stones to blame Gaffney for the Democrat mismanagement of the state?

    There is a rumor out there that this race is close if not a dead heat.

    The McSweeney camp is terrified they are going to lose so they pull this crap.

    Every Republican should be furious.

    Blame Gaffney for the Democrats mismanagement in Springfield is low class and unforgivable.

  6. I guess since every Republican voted against the tax increase and that now David McSweeney is attacking Gaffney for the fact that every Republican voted against the tax increase, that must mean that McSweeney was for the tax increase? It’s the only logical conclusion i can reach from his ad.

  7. This ad is not very negative compared to many races out there. Negative ads work.

  8. Charlie, you have been a loser since I have known you and you are more than likely going to get smoked again.

  9. McSweeney is of that mindset that if he wants to do something, he should be able t buy it.

    He wants to be in government.

    He doesn’t seek the office – ANY office – for the betterment of those he would represent.

    He seeks it for the title and whatever perceived prestige it may bring him.

    Instead of holding his breath until his face turns blue and he passes out, he shoves piles of money at, “Cuz I wanna”. .

    When he can’t outright buy it, he tries to just get rid of whatever he sees as an obstacle.

    When the money alone can’t do it, you toss down a chaser of lies.

    Feel the burn.

    You’ve come full circle David, like that dog who finally catches his tail.

    I am glad you shed light on your fiscal responsibility with this campaign.

    I think the biggest accomplishment produced from the McSweeney method is that it has put a magnifying glass to his character flaws; a very powerful lens to be sure.

    Since the beginning I have been boggled as to reasons behind so many campaign contributions from out of state sources.

    Am I the only one?

    That speaks volumes on his true intentions.

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