Special Prosecutor’s Court File Unsealed by Judge Gordon Graham

Terry Ekl

Judge Gordon Graham

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi had some interesting news at Congressman Randy Hultgren’s fund raiser in McHenry Friday night.

He told me that Circuit Court Judge Gordon Graham agree to open the court file in the Special Prosecutor’s criminal case against him.

Motivation may have included the Supreme Court motion by Bianchi supporters to unseal the record. (The entire Illinois Supreme Court motion is here.)

That motion arose from attorney Terry Ekl’s pre-trial attempt to have McQueen and Thomas for incompetence following the first directed verdict (a verdict issued without any defense needing to be presented) by Judge Joseph McGraw).

Maybe we’ll get to see the detail of the services billed by Special Prosecutors Henry Tonigan and Thomas McQueen.

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About time, wouldn’t you say?

I will repeat that I have spent a lot of money on legal fees during my lifetime.

I have never paid an unitemized bill and can’t fathom why members of the McHenry County Board paid a dime without such detail.


Special Prosecutor’s Court File Unsealed by Judge Gordon Graham — 11 Comments

  1. Cal,

    It’s called a court order.

    Legally binding and criminally chargeable court order to pay the bill.

    Judge Graham issued a court order to each of the bills.

    We are appealing his rulings to the Appellate Court level because we don’t agree.

    But defying a court order is not the way to fight this.

    Besides disobeying a court order, what else would you suggest we should have done that this board did not do? Please be specific.

    Nick Provenzano
    Chairman, Law & Justice Committee

  2. Will be interesting to see if EVERYTHING is turned over, not just selectively edited materials.

    Questions: What assurance is there that the file hasn’t been “unsealed” for certain eyes?

    why did it take so long for Judge Graham to reach this decision when all along he’s refused to unseal the file?

  3. anonymous has some very good points.

    Not unusual behavior for the likes of these people.

  4. Nick P. Read the comments under the Pyle article.

    Why is Pyle still getting paid.

    Many know that the sheriff is capable and successful in intimidating county board in their decisions.

    One of the reasons so many people want to clean house.

    The good deputies get butchered and guys like this get the breaks.

    Recall your signs hooked up with Nygren on more than one election.

    Neighbor told me a Nygren sign is in the HDQ window.

    Had to go by and look myself.

    Sure enough.


    He is a disgrace and not even running for anything.
    Is he going to be able to shove Zinke down your throat??

  5. Nick P. You are acting as though you have no power.

    You are on the County Board, for goodness sake!

    You CHAIR this committee!

    You’re behaving as though you’re some employee being told what you have to do.

    Equal powers, have you heard of it?

    Stand up for what is right.

    You know for a fact that Graham and Nygren are behind using taxpayer money to try to destroy a political enemy of Nygren’s.

    While doing so, Nygren enriches a couple of failing attorneys who play the role of “special prosecutors”.


    This is all understood by everyone who follows this story, regardless of which side they’re on.

    See, folks, this is why our Government is so weak and broke.

    Nick P. just doesn’t want to get Nygren mad at him, and so he behaves as like an “obedient employee.”

    Let’s call it like it is.

  6. I have to agree with Nick on this one, when you get a court order to pay, you pay.

    The county board has no leeway in that situation put to pay and then appeal.

  7. So, Mblue, REGARDLESS of how unethical or even potentially evil the “court order” is; REGARDLESS as to whether you know for a fact that the “court order” is politically motivated, unjust, and seriously harmful to innocent citizens, you, Mblue, are suggesting one has to obey.

    Think about the consequences of your obsequious position. It is scary and not unprecidented.

    I hope you’re not running for office, Mblue.

  8. Oh, and let me add, Mblue……The judge who is giving the “court order” is on the political side of the unethical behavior and wishes a certain outcome supporting the unjust side.

    You’d still “obey”?

    Even though you’re a legislator with “equal powers”?

    You’re supposed to represent the interests of the citizens….who happen to be getting screwed by the guys supporting the very judge giving you the oder.

    Obedience for obedience sake. That is no virtue. That is aquiescence to tyranny.

  9. It is against Judicial Canon for a judge to endorse a candidate.

    Saw Graham in parades sharing his spot with Nygren and having Nygren signs all over the cars.

    Something surely does smell here.

    Graham should not be allowed to have a shredder.

  10. As a member of a legislative body, I cannot conceive of paying a bill that is unitemized.

    The worst that can be done is the judge holds you in contempt of court and then has to explain why he refuses to provide the detail.

  11. Is anyone else keeping a list, so they don’t make a mistake next election?

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