Aaron Shepley Endorses Karen McConnaughay

An endorsement letter from Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley arrived in Crystal Lake mailboxes on Saturday.

McConnaughay is running against Cliff Surges.

You can see the letter below:

Aaron Shepley offers his support for Karen McConnaughay. He calls her "a principled leader and friend." He lists her accomplishments as Kane County Board Chairman. He notes she has sometimes ruffled some feathers. Click to enlarge.


Aaron Shepley Endorses Karen McConnaughay — 5 Comments

  1. An endorsement from the “lets raise our taxes” mayor.

    Here is a match made in heaven.

    Next she will get an endorsement from George Soros.

  2. Expect for Ms. McConnaughay to get just about every politician to try push her to victory in the GOP primary.

    What does our opinion matter?

    See, all the VIP’s and the big money is being used by Koehler, McConnaughay and Shepley to tell us all how to think.

    I agree with the call I got last week saying that Surges will let us think for ourselves. Thanks for that much.

    I am going to send a message to these VIP’s and vote for Surges. After all we are footing the bill for all their tax increases.

  3. Things must be getting pretty bad asking for Aaron endorsment,

    When did Aaron do anything for the Republican Party???

    Never !! could Aaron be Karen next husband??

    I will vote for Cliff.

  4. Similar letter sent to Algonquin voters from Village President John Schmitt.

  5. When will the politicians figure out that we make up our own minds.

    I’m tired of getting letters in the mail from some official telling me what to do and what to think about one candidate or another.

    Each of these people should only deal with getting themselves elected when their time comes.

    Until then I will do my own research and think for myself.

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