Gaffney Goes with More Endorsement Pieces – Althoff and Walters

There were many pieces of mail that arrived in mailboxes from State Rep. Kent Gaffney and his main challenger, David McSweeney.

A friend from Algonquin brought me seven pieces.

Three from each; none from Danielle Rowe, who is also in the race.

Let me show you two endorsement pieces here. He sent another one with more names the first of this week.

The first is from State Senator Pam Althoff.

The address side of a big post card shows State Rep. Kent Gaffney and State Senator Pam Althoff.

On the back there's another joint image of Kent Gaffney and Pam Althoff, plus issues Gaffney has been stressing.

In the Algonquin area, a letter from McHenry County Recorder Phyllis Walters was distributed. It summarizes some issues as well as offers her endorsement.

This is the Phyllis Walters endorsement letter for Kent Gaffney.


Gaffney Goes with More Endorsement Pieces – Althoff and Walters — 2 Comments

  1. another person that does nothing for the party is Althoff, Wake up McHenry .

    When did you see Aaron and Pam endorse anybody? The good ole boys going down this primary!!

  2. YES!!


    What we need in mchenry county is new blood

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