Gaffney Uses Quinn and Madigan as Punching Bags

In still another mailing by State Rep. Kent Gaffney last week, the appointed State Rep., running against Danielle Rowe and David McSweeney, set the stage with the following headlines:

Pay raises for politicians?

Higher taxes and more spending?


Those headlines are beneath photos of Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan, the State Capitol dome and hundred dollar bills.

The address side of the pay raise, higher taxes mailing.

On the back Kent Gaffney touts his endorsement by the Daily Herald and a favorable quote from Fox Chicago News.


Gaffney Uses Quinn and Madigan as Punching Bags — 1 Comment

  1. Notice anything unique or perhaps odd about the Gaffney mailers?

    Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it.

    They are factual with no outright lies, no twists and devoid of negativity.

    Just facts that any person can research and find in whole form (no dicing) built upon a solid foundation of truth.

    David? Hello?

    I know, it is an odd concept for you to swallow.

    That’s the funny thing about money is that it can’t be invested into a fabrication and subsequently earn truth interest – nope, no p & l statements here.

    Keep up the good works Mr. Gaffney as you stay above the sludge.

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