Zane Seipler Returning to Work March 19th

Zane Seipler

It’s been a long wait as McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren had his lawyers trying every trick in the book to keep former and now confirmed future Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler out of work and out of a paycheck.

The mean-spiritedness demonstrated is hard to comprehend for someone who is supposed to be a law enforcement officer.

Guess he was never a Jaycee.

What was that line?

“Government should be of laws and not of men.”

In any event, see for yourself what is now posted on Zane Seipler’s Facebook:

Zane Seiplter's Facebook says he is going back to work as a Sheriff's Deputy on March 19th.


Zane Seipler Returning to Work March 19th — 20 Comments

  1. I remember Seipler’s last stint. Some deputies would tease him for being the “Golden Boy”.

    He was sent to a butt load of schools ahead of more senior deputies.

    Half the department went to his birthday part in Algonquin.

    Saved Koziol’s from getting stabbed.

    Nygren sent him to Mexico.

    He had one heck of a stint.

    Just one problem.

    He thought civil rights were important.

    I for one think he will outlast Nygren.

    Congrats Zane.

    Be careful and watch your back. AZ’s buddies are all gunning for you.

  2. I do owe you some thanks, AZ.

    Your comments over time really have made me look into a lot of things.

    At first, you had me.

    Then, research has taught me that you have a lot of mis information and like to spread it around.

  3. Wow – got to Northwest Herald comment on the editorial they wrote about Zane and the special prosecutor issue.

    Woody really hits the nail on the head. I

    t is not just about a campaign star (with costs thousands and thousands of tax dollars) it is just tip of the iceberg for illegal activities.

    They only pound on the star issue and do not want to touch on other things.

  4. Congrats Zane!

    Nygren, Zinke and his buddies need to realize that WE will be watching THEM.

    And their benefactors, starting with the primary.

  5. Without his photo showing up in these postings, I wouldn’t know Zane from Adam if he stood infront of me.

    I wish him luck, but, sorry, I still have to wonder.

    Much like the rest of you here, I KNOW nothing but what’s fed to us in these postings; rants and polite posts both.

    Opinions are like a certain body part- we all have one.

    Believe them, or question them; your option.

  6. Maybe if Nygren had not given a pass to the other deputy with her ticket lottery, there would not be the 3 day suspendion precedent.

    Nygren beating this to death for three years was stupid.

    Be a big boy and suck it up and go on.

  7. Well, Jim, if you were the one unjustly fired and the reason given was bogus.

    You might feel differently.

    Seipler was more than willing to work for this money.

    We have a sheriff that is a HUGE problem and a tyrant to work for.

    The good deputies get nowhere and suffer thru it as best they can.

    One like Zane has the leadership qualities and courage to do something about it.

    More people like him and we would have less corruption in elected officials.

    AND that would save a lot of taxpayer money.

    Nygrens bad cops doing bad things make for a lot of lawsuits that we pay out for.

    What Seipler gets is a drop in the bucket in comparison.

  8. Justin is absolutely correct.

    The deputy that set the precedence and Seipler have one thing in common, they were both trying to give some petty offenders a break and still have documentation to show their supervisors ticket/warning numbers. (Quotas are a pain for some of the nicer cops.)

    Nygren knew that with the first deputy.

    Gave her a 3 day suspension and told her don’t do it again.


    Cause it wasn’t that big of a deal.

    Seipler was different.

    He had angered the administration when he questioned the racial profiling that the Chicago Tribune and WGN reported on last Spring.

    Nygren saw this as a way to enact REVENGE.

    Anyone who thinks that this whole thing was over Seipler falsifying a warning is just drinking the Nygren Kool Aid by the gallon.

  9. FYI…I don’t put the blame on Seipler, but I don’t think he should brag about all the money he is set to receive because while it’s a win-win (job & back pay) situation for him it’s a win-lose (good employee, but paying about 4 years for no services provided) situation to his employers (taxpayers).

    The problem here is that this is Nygrens fault and he will not be held accountable.

    If Seipler is paid back pay and rehired due to an unjustified firing then Nygren should be fired and his pension/benefits eliminated.

    The taxpayers have nobody protecting their interests and this is a prime example.

  10. For those who want to cry and play the ‘victim’ tax payer, I ask you this.

    To those of you who have been following thing’s for three years now, what part of “I shouldn’t have voted for Nygren just because he claims to be a Republican” when,

    ALL the evidence you had been presented with, TOLD YOU clearly, for your own eyes to see, that there were WAY TO MANY issues for a small county Sheriff to be involved in.

    Next time my fair citizens, believe what your eyes are telling you and you might avoid problems such as this in the future.

    Not a single one of us could imagine what Mr. Seipler and his family have lived for over three years. Some things money just cannot replace, although it helps recover a ‘loss’ of material things.

    Sleepless nights and stress on a young family doesn’t get ‘Back Pay!’

    This is simple.

    Both Seipler and the Sheriff but ‘Dice’ in the palms of their hands the day they BOTH placed their fates in the hand’s of the Arbitrator.

    They BOTH rolled their ‘Dice.’

    Seipler was willing to live and did live by the Arbitrators decision. That’s called “Manning Up!”

    Had the decision gone the Sheriff’s way during Arbitration, seeing as Seipler admitted he made an error in judgement at the time of the incident in question, I highly doubt Mr. Seipler would have taken his ‘Dice’ and just gone home and lived with his decision but his fate in the hands of the Arbitrator.

    At least this is how it appears to those of us who have no dog in this fight, just a little common sense and fair mindedness.

    I hope everybody can move beyond this, and it is what it is….

    And that “IS……..” IS OVER!

    Good Day!

  11. I made an error above..

    Paragraph 11 should read,

    “I highly doubt Mr. Seipler “WOULDN’T” have taken his ‘Dice’ and just gone home and lived with his decision that he put his fate in the hands of the Arbitrator.

    He would have moved on… least on the employment issue.

    (The other Federal Issues I know nothing about its never published about much)

    For all those who suffer diabetes, take your medicine…. Going blind is no fun! Excuse my mistakes.

    Thank you and Good Day!

  12. I don’t take it as Seipler bragging about back pay.

    Skinner appears to have gotten this post off of Seipler FB page.

    This statement was probably meant for his friends not as some kind of press release.

    Making a statement that he is going to do something nice for his wife with his backpay is hardly bragging.

    Sounds like she deserves it.

  13. This may or may not be the right forum for this but the timing is dead-on.

    I’m on the current McHenry County Sheriff’s Officer’s hiring list.

    I spoke with a few Officers who are out in the trenches doing their job every day for the citizens of McHenry County.

    They all resonate the same message; “Unless you are on the same page as the Sheriff (Nygren) you will almost never advance through the ranks, be chosen for Special Teams or assignments or be a top priority for attending training classes etc.

    I for one feel that Politics need to be left at the front door when overseeing County Employees doing their job for us and each member of the Department should be treated and advanced based on their performance, not personal feelings or revenge.

    The whole hiring process for Sheriff’s Deputy is a “Front” for the Sheriff to hire Political friends, contributors and friends of friends.

    A list of candidates is established in “Alphabetical Order” for those who pass the entrance examination and Physical Ability tests no matter how you scored on the exams.

    The Sheriff chooses whom to hire off the list.

    Just one more abuse of power that the Sheriff holds over “New Deputies” about to be hired.

    The law of the land is that if you don’t conform, you’ll never advance.

    It’s a shame that the County has to go through all this. The lives of people that want to serve the residents of McHenry County have been changed forever and that one man has absolute control of his employees in hiring, firing and advancement, even with the Merit Commission. It’s about time for a change.

  14. Would anybody like to know what the FBI’s take on the Sheriff’s Department and the Sheriff is???

    I’d love to share my story right here on Mr. Skinner’s blog, from a ‘front seat’ vantage point! Their lips to my ears…………!

    You would all be stunned!!

    Potential Candidate, I’d be seeking employment elsewhere if I were you.

  15. Well if you all are tired of the taxpayers getting stuck with legal fees in the millions (no exaggeration) and back pay-pay outs, thanks to the lack of leadership in the sheriffs office, hold your elected officials accountable!

    Lets start with the McHenry County board who has done nothing when it comes to the sheriffs decisions & actions over the past 14 years.

    Maybe voicing an opinion of concern or something.

    VOTE them out March 20th!

    Let’s vote in some new leadership and may be some new people with #$%^s!

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