District 300’s Cheryl Crates Retiring

A press release from School District 300:

Search begins for new CFO

The District 300 Board of Education accepted a notification letter tonight (March 12) from Dr. Cheryl Crates, D300 Chief Financial Officer, of her intention to retire this summer.

The Board had previously agreed for Dr. Crates, who is nearly 65 years old, to retire in summer 2014.

Cheryl Crates points to numbers at a 2008 Legislative Briefing Session.

Instead, she will retire this summer, effective June 30, 2012.

She cited two primary reasons for pushing up the date of departure: the need to spend more time with and caring for her family, and the resolution recently achieved on the Sears EDA legislation.

Her initial plan to retire in 2014 was somewhat tied to the expiration of the current EDA, so that she could assist district leaders in negotiating any proposed extension of the EDA.

Superintendent Michael Bregy said that the district will conduct its own recruitment and will not employ an outside search firm.

The position has been posted to the D300 website.

Mr. Bregy said the goal is to complete the hiring process in time for Dr. Crates’ replacement to spend some time with her at the D300 Central Office before she retires.


District 300’s Cheryl Crates Retiring — 2 Comments

  1. what is Ms. Crates’ most recent yearly salary?

    what is her yearly pension when her retirement becomes official?

    How much money did her decisions save Dist. 300?

    how much money did her decisions “waste” of taxpayers’ money, e.g. wind farm consortium?

    will she be hired back as a consultant?

    thank you for a response.

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