Jeff Thirtyace Promotes State Rep. Write-In Candidacy for Democratic Party Slot

The following was in a comment under McHenry County Blog’s write-in candidate story:

Jeff Thirtyacre at the Johnsburg Parade

I decided to run because I think the working class needs a Representative in Springfield. The rich have allot of reps there.

I am a Teamster and have been for 20 yrs our rights as workers should be first. We do the jobs the rich don’t want to. And they get all the tax breaks, this need to stop.

Everyday I’m reminded of it.

I’ve worked for the State of Illinois for 20yrs now and it gets Micromanaged more and more everyday.

When I started in 1992 we were talked to about allowing the State to borrow from our retirement to help with the deficit and that they would pay it back when they received the money from taxes and other income.

Well here we are 20 yrs later and i read our retirement is the problem with our state.

I put in 8.5% a pay check that includes overtime and They want to increase that to 13%, I’m only allowed 2.5%.

The politicians put in 11.25 % and get back 12% so where is the difference going?

Anyone can see that its not our retirement but the politicians that are making out on this deal.

They want to cut our kids education and things so they can give their Contract buddies back campaign funds they get during election time. Y

You wonder why the roads aren’t salted before a storm.

They are making cuts when it comes to peoples lives.

We don’t matter anymore just the bottom line.

They aren’t even paying our health insurance, but do you think theirs is payed?

I’m tired of getting bills from the hospital because the insurance company hasn’t received payment from my employer.

I’m tired of hearing its my fault there aren’t jobs.

The people in Springfield are the problem they aren’t doing their jobs.

I want to replace one so there will be someone down there willing to help the people and not themselves.

I hear everyday that you can’t change it.

I believe we can change it and the way to do this is vote out the ones responsible.

Write in Jeff Thirtyacre under State Representative 64th District.

We can make a difference.

Thirtyacre seeks to be on the ballot to face off against Republican Barb Wheeler this fall.

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