Karen McConnaughay Replies to Adam Andrzejewski’s Mailing

State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay is charging “mudslinging” in her reaction to an email and mailing sent out by Adam Andrzejewski’ For the Good of Illinois PAC.

You can read the mailing and Andrzejewski’s motivation for sending it here.

First I’ll show you McConnaughay’s rebuttal, then the original email with links to sources concerning the charges:

Statement from Citizens for Karen McConnaughay regarding continued baseless mudslinging from the desperate Surges campaign

There is nothing surprising about activist Adam Andrzejewski’s mudslinging at Karen McConnaughay.

Karen McConnaughay

In his bid for political relevance he joins in the chorus of baseless, unfounded attacks that have characterized the Surges campaign.

With no meaningful experience, no substantive knowledge of the issues and no relevant accomplishments, Cliff Surges and his attack dogs have resorted to assailing the character of one of the most respected local elected officials in the area.

No matter that the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Kane County Chronicle, Northwest Herald, Examiner Newspaper, Congressman Roskam, Congressman Hultgren and many others have attested to the achievement and integrity of Karen McConnaughay, we are supposed to believe outlandish accusations offered with no substantiation and no basis in fact.

It is also extremely curious that Adam’s electronic assault came two days after Cliff Surges paid him $3,200.

If you apply the same standard of proof that Cliff and Adam use that is clear evidence of corruption.

If Surges makes a donation to Adam and then Adam launches his attack, it is rock solid evidence of a quid pro quo.

The double standard is mind-boggling.

The voters of the 33rd District are smart enough to know that Karen has never engaged in any pay to play antics and has never made any personnel or policy decision based on anything other than merit and the best interests of the taxpayers.

Nothing in this, or any other politically-motivated attack, has shown or even claimed that anything Karen did was in violation of the law or any county policy.

This is just another example of the sad depth to which the Surges campaign has sunk.

Below is the blast email that Andrzejewski sent out, apparently last night:

“Converting government employment, salary spiking, pension padding,
& paid consulting into… campaign cash
Adam Andrzejewski | Chairman, For The Good of Illinois PAC

Does the Kane County Board Chairmanship come with a license to print campaign cash?

Karen McConnaughay must think so.

So many county vendors became campaign contributors that the Daily Herald Editorial Board wrote, “We encourage McConnaughay to quit taking money from county vendors…

She’s now running for state senate on a track record of presiding over a legalized money laundering scheme™.  Here are the details–

In 2004, McConnaughay won election as Kane County Board Chairperson. From 2004-2009, the salary of  Phil Bus– county development director- was spiked 71% from $93,481 to $158,923, graph.

Then Phil Bus retired (2009) on the largest pension in Kane County history-  $113,277/ year, proof.  The salary spiking had padded his pension.  But only two months later, Bus was re-hired by the county on lucrative consulting contracts. Look up FoxPlans, LLC by year, here.

Sourced by a local newspaper, Bus’ wife and brother (Randall) contributed $9,300 in campaign cash to McConnaughay. We confirmed $4800 from the state board website.

The Bus brother Randall’s engineering company, according to published reports, became the “go-to consultant on almost every unincorporated county subdivision plan”.  We sourced tens of thousands of dollars in “consulting” payments flowing from Kane County.

Karen McConnaughay’s political paradigm isn’t new to the GOP.  Governors Thompson-Edgar-Ryan pioneered the patronage model. The Republican Party then split between political bosses who needed taxes to fund patronage, and our conservative, productive, tax-paying base.

You can’t reform Illinois if you don’t reform the IL GOP.  And, you can’t reform the Republican Party if you elect politicians like Karen McConnaughay.




Chairman | For The Good of Illinois PAC

PS. On March 20th, you and I can stop “McConnaughay Money Magic”.  Please give online $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1000 to For the Good of Illinois PAC today. Thank you!


Karen McConnaughay Replies to Adam Andrzejewski’s Mailing — 10 Comments

  1. Funny that in the response from the lady from Kane County in name dropping all the politicians and papers never admits she has taken huge amounts of money from county vendors who get invitations to all her fundraisers.

    This has been written about in all the newspapers. I am always leery when the politicians seem to want someone to win so badly.

  2. Who the heck is Adam Anje..however you spell it?

    Who is cliff surges?

    Who is Chris Lauzen their feared leader?

    I’m so sick of all of the attacks that the likes of these people make.

    I just hope that the voters are smart enough to see that those that make attacks obviously do so because they have nothing in their own “accomplishment” column to run clean honest campaigns.

    If I have to hear Lauzen talk about freezing my property taxes I’m going to throw up.

    When less than 5% of my tax bill supports county services and of that 5% – 65% pays for public safety, then I guess the state of illinois better hurry and pass concealed carry, bucause when Lauzen freezes the levy we’ll all need guns.

  3. There is nothing new here that ‘Term Limits’ can’t fix.

    The longer the piggies stay at the trough the fatter they get.

  4. Stacy,

    People are sick of Karen McConnaughay getting cash donations from vested interests doing business and then denying it.

    Her mentor Mr. Hastert the lobbyist cost the taxpayers in his district ONE MILLION DOLLARS because he left to make himself and his family millions while we paid the bill!!! Now she pretends to be PollyAnna? Cut the nonsense “Stacy.”

    Ms. McConnaughay has been caught and she is just upset about it… End of story, mam.

    This isn’t about anyone else but her. The proof is in the records published in the papers!

  5. Sorry “Stan” you’re the one who’s just not making any sense. The “proof” you talk about is just your fantasy.

    The newspapers reporting on the self righteous any hypocritical attacks lauched by Sen. Lauzen and echoed by his candidate Cliff Surges all said that there was actually no proof of any wrongdoing, nor was any specific accusation actually made.

    It’s just politically-motivated smears made up of inuendo and fabricated conspiracies.

    These same papers that you claim prove your fictional wrongdoing ALL enthusiastically endorsed McConnaughay.

    But they must have been bought off too, right? Just like Congressman Roskam and Congressman Hultgren.

    The press have closely examined the “records” and talked to countless accusers and not a single instance of any improper activity has ever been shown.

    We get it. You don’t like Denny Hastert, you don’t like Karen McConnaughay. That is your right. But you don’t have the right to make up facts and degrade the political processs with your reckless fabrications.

  6. Hey Doug … if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck… IT’S PROBABLY A DUCK!

    This is just one of many FACTS where Queen Karen’s campaign benefited from folks doing official business with the county… you know this!

    Don’t let the FACT that you’re the paid mouthpiece for her campaign cloud your integrity!

    How bout the resolution supporting the I-88/Rt 47 interchange that was just passed by the Kane County Board?

    FACT: Sugar Grove, LLC (That owns the majority of the property on the 4 corners of the proposed interchange) gave $2,000 to the Queen in December 2011 (before that resolution came up for a vote in Transportation Committee in February 2012, and Executive Committee & full County Board in March 2012), but that’s just part of the story!

    FACT: Sugar Grove, LLC is an affiliate of Henry Crown and Company (a company located on LaSalle St in Chicago, IL – which donates HUGE sums of money to mostly Democrat Chicago politicians) …

    FACT: two of Henry Crown’s other affiliate companies (Crown Community Development and Aurora Venture) have also donated money to the Queen’s campaign!

    FACT: all told, these three affiliate Chicago companies have donated $9,150.00 to the Queen’s campaign war chest since her first run for Kane County Chairman … so tell me, if it’s not “pay-to-play” what is this Chicago (Cook County) firm’s interest in donating such large sums of money to McConnaughay’s campaign?

  7. Mr. O’Brien,

    Just like a guy living in Chicago to tell us here what to think because he is PAID to do so.

    Ms. McConnaughay has raised over ONE MILLION dollars and most of it is from county vendors. This is proven. And just this month taking money from the Crown family with links to a recent vote involving a project in Kane County.

    Your client Ms. McConnaughay pushed a highway project that would help Mr. Hastert sell land placed in a blind trust (discovered by media and shown on 60 Minutes) weeks ago.

    Of course Hastert left his district service early costing them millions and then he “suddenly decided” to become a lobbyist. Proven.

    McConnaughay’s huge color photos with him before she considered him a detriment can be proven.

    The 80% direct ties to contributions and contracts are proven. Yeah, Mr. Lauzen is the evil one for pointing out the documented facts. Aren’t the guys standing up against the greedy politicians always somehow EVIL?

    McConnaughay’s intent to leave the Senate to join someone for a run for higher office shortly after this election? Unproven but yet never addressed. We will just be used to get her there. And then find out afterward if this prediction is true.

    The facts aren’t “made up” Mr. O’Brien. 60 Minutes doesn’t make up their expose on her pals either. Numerous press reports in Kane County by the guys covering the news daily aren’t made up either. I understand you are paid to attack regular guys like me however.

    Pay to play as described is PROVEN by campaign finance records.

    Open the Books Illinois has no agenda but to inform voters of the sometimes sorry state of their government and the politicians like those mentioned (and those paying you) to laugh at the ignorance of voters that keep electing them.

    And since when do the papers or politicians ever stop telling people how to vote? Your client can’t find any average types to endorse her (her neighbors don’t) so she pulls our congressmen not even in her district to call to tell us how to vote.


  8. I trust Adam A.

    He ran for Governor, and although he lost, he has kept his campaign promise to clean up Illinois.

    He has no motivation except to report the truth.

  9. From the McConnaughay Campaign Press Release…

    “The voters of the 33rd District are smart enough to know that Karen has never engaged in any pay to play antics and has never made any personnel or policy decision based on anything other than merit and the best interests of the taxpayers.”


    Is it April 1st and nobody told us?

    And the voters in Kane County were smart enough…smart enough to send her elsewhere.

  10. the family value candidate KM (third marriage) pro gun (taught her 3 yr. old to shoot), cut everything she could at the county (except consultant contracts and pay raises for FOK’s) candidate KM just got caught AGAIN!!!!

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