Northwest Herald Headline Gets Harsher on Second Day

Yesterday, the Northwest Herald had the following web site headline about former and future McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s reinstatement, which resulted from multiple court orders upholding the original arbitrator’s decision:

The headline on what I presume is the same story today looks like this:

Draw your own conclusions in the comment section below.


Northwest Herald Headline Gets Harsher on Second Day — 5 Comments

  1. If they soften up in the slightest, they get a call from Nygren.

    He beats them down and they fold.

    Might as well have a fox in the hen house.

  2. Do the editors of the Northwest Herald tell the reporters what to write?

    As is, which way to slant the story or whose side to take in a story?

    What this county needs is a good investigative reporter and a newspaper with the guts to print his findings.

  3. Agree with all of the above Can we form a PAC to find a new, competing newspaper?

    with this, we’d get rid of the political sleaze quicker than waiting for the next election.

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