Two Romney Phone Calls Friday Morning

Aaron Schock

The SuperPAC supporting Mitt Romney called me today and, in a voice that sounded like a gerbil on speed, told me all sorts of bad things Rick Santorum had done.

“Santorum has a record. Don’t ignore it.”

Less than an hour later Peoria’s Congressman Aaron Schock was on another robo-call urgning me to vote for Mitt Romney.

That call was paid for by the Romney campaign.


Two Romney Phone Calls Friday Morning — 4 Comments

  1. I wish there was more “WHAT I WILL DO ADS” and less “THE OTHER GUY SUCKS BECAUSE……..”

    MY very left democratic friend in Rockford told me that many democrats are going to ask for the Republican ballot and vote for Santorum since Obama is unopposed and the local issues are secondary.

    This tells me that they ( democrats) feel Obama has a better chance of beating Santorum than versus Romney.

    As I see it the real truth of the matter is that the only person that can draw enough of the moderate and independent vote and beat the Socialist in Chief is Romney.

    I’d like to see more emphasis on that.

    I have received three ROBO calls and I don’t appreciate them.

  2. March 19, I had at least 12 and I think 15 phone calls from Romney since yesterday.

    The number they left following their pitch, at least the ones that I listen to till the end, was 872-216-0293.

    I called the number back twice once yesterday and again today and asked to be removed from their list.

    Unfortunately both their calls to me and their answering of my call was all automated.

    I do not expect any human to pay attention.

    This contrasts to only one call from Santorum

    I will not vote for Romney!

    I look for a conservative positive leader not a negative complainer who has money to burn.

    If he doesn’t change he hurts Republican Chances at the Presidency.

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