Kurtz and Koehler Hit the Mailbox

The address side of Ken Koehler's mailing.

Today I received two oversized post cards.

One was from McHenry County Board Chairman.

It was about his support of the Second Amendment.

I have shown you its contents here.

I thought I hadn’t received it because I’m not on some gun list, but the piece seems to have been sent more broadly because both my wife’s and my name were on the address.

Usually such single-issue mailings are made to specialized lists.  Surely, my wife is not on one (but she might make one once Bo Strom’s shooting range opens in Crystal Lake).

The second piece was a new one from Board member Donna Kurtz, who ran first in the GOP primary two years ago, beating out both Koehler and Lyn Orphal, who lost her seat.

You can see that the address side emphasizes endorsements.  The headline is “The Clear Choice for Our Community.:

Donna Kurtz is seen with a dog and a couple of children in this endorsement piece.

The back side includes a list of individual endorsements, plus what Kurtz wants people to think of her:

  • Principled, Honest, and on Our Side
  • Controlling Government Spending
  • Protecting Our Quality of Life
  • A Proven Reformer

Donna Kurtz points out she is last on the ballot.

Those listed as endorsing Kurtz follow:
Ralph Dawson, Jeff Thorsen, Brett Hopkins, Scott Breeden, Erin Smith, Ken Santowski, Ray Bogdanowski
Stephen Harlfinger, Russ Ruzanski, Paul Mjulcahy, Jan Polep, Linda Liddell, John Heisler, Lou Anne Majewski, Ann Hughes, Candy Reedy Joe Daleiden, Erv LeCoque, Rev. Arn Schaper, Jim Batistini, Ginny Visin, Jeannine Thoma, Nancy Gonsiorek, Don Peters, Cindy Skrukrud, Edith Brandt, Jery Majewski, Ardelle & Ed Pate.

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