Nick Provenzano’s “Closer” Piece

Every campaign that is doing direct mail needs a “closer” piece.

The mailing must tell why people should vote for the candidate.

Nick Provenzano does so in this mailing.

The theme of District 3 McHenry County Board member Nick Provenzano’s Saturday mailing is that he is a “watchdog.”

You can see that clearly on the address side:

The address side of Nick Provenzano's latest mailing.

The other side reprises endorsements, including that of Congressman Randy Hultgren, for whom he is a campaign field director:

Endorsements from various papers are included on this mailing, which has the heading, "A proven conservative reformer."

Provenzano lists his accomplishments on the back side:

  • Voted against the County levy tax increase and the 2012 budget
  • Opposed pay raises for County officials and employees
  • Worked with economic development organizations to improve transportation infrastructure
  • Sponsored Whistle Blowing & Ethics Ordinance

Note that Provenzano thinks, as do I, as did the Northwest Herald emphasize in stories on each district, that the County Board votes for incumbents is the most important issue.

In case you would like to check how incumbents in your area voted, here is the McHenry County Blog story. Look at both votes. Some members switched sides.


Nick Provenzano’s “Closer” Piece — 3 Comments

  1. I think this “watchdog” turned on the Snooze buttom when it came to the tough political votes before the County Board.

  2. Send him packing..
    and anyone affiliated with him for that matter.

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