Erin Smith Endorses Donna Kurtz

Lakewood Village President Erin Smith is not only endorsing McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler, but she is supporting Donna Kurtz as well.

Two years ago Kurtz ran ahead of Koehler for the two positions on the fall ballot.

This time there are four to be selected for the General Election this fall.

Smith’s letter of endorsement for Kurtz follows:

Donna Kurtz

Erin Smith

I strongly encourage residents in County District 2 to vote for Donna Kurtz in the Republican Primary on March 20th.

Donna Kurtz is an experienced leader with a reputation for integrity, fiscal responsibility and protection of natural resources. She takes the time to fully investigate every issue, asks the tough questions and challenges any solution that is not in the best interests of McHenry County residents.

Donna worked to incorporate the Crystal Lake Watershed Ordinance into the County ordinances, which will help to protect the property values of residents near the lake by alleviating the threats of flooding and water damage. She has done extensive research in support of progressive water management policies, which will be very important in the coming years.
On Tuesday, March 20th (or early voting at Crystal Lake City Hall Feb. 27th – March 15th), please support Donna Kurtz for District 2 County Board Member.

Erin Smith
Lakewood Village President

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