Nick Provenzano Distributes Endorsement Letter from Randy Hultgren

This weekend 3rd District County Board member and candidate for re-election Nick Provenzano is distributing 4,000 letters of endorsement from Congressman Randy Hultgren. You can see it below:


Nick Provenzano Distributes Endorsement Letter from Randy Hultgren — 5 Comments

  1. Randy i hope you dont ask anybody else to help you in the general election.

    remember nick is your man.

    hope nick gets elected because we wont vote for him , then what will you do?

  2. Today I received Nick and Randy’s plastic bag of vote for me filled with Randy Hultgren and Nick Provenzano’s letter as well as two rocks in the bag laying in our driveway.

    I’ll give equal consideration when I cast my vote on Tuesday.

  3. Patriot,
    My volunteers were under direction to leave this material on the door knob. If you share your precinct number, I will know exactly which volunteer worked that precinct so that it does not get laid on the ground ever again. Accept my apologies for the lack of effort on that one volunteer’s part.

    This was the exception not the rule. We distributed literature to just over 5,300 households and that would have been a lot of rocks. Not practical and I hate when I have to clean up the same tactic the Trib local guys use on my own driveway.

    You guys like to bash me and well it goes with the job. But let’s stick to the issues and my votes on the issues so we can move forward constructively. I think we all have the same goals of continuing to have a great community where we can live, work and raise our families.

    Nick Provenzano

  4. I received Nick’s literature last Sunday and it was hung on the doorknob.

    While its unfortunate that some volunteers don’t put int he full effort, I don’t think that you can make your voting choice based on a volunteers bad choice.

    Nick has proven to consistient in his representation in the county board and will be an excellent candidate for the Rebublicans in November.

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